Although this happened 12 years ago, [the experience] was so profound that it lives inside me as if it happened yesterday.

I was almost eight months pregnant with my first child. I went to my doctor for a final ultrasound check up. After the ultrasound, the doctor paused with much concern on his face. He then told me that there was conclusive evidence on the ultrasound that my daughter had a defect. She would most likely to be born with cerebral palsy or mental retardation. I was overwhelmed with shock and disbelief.

How could this happen at this stage? Everything had [been] just fine until then. He showed me the spots on the ultrasound that supported his claims. He then said he needed me to meet with him and a specialist the next day for another ultrasound. I left the office in despair. I immediately began to pray and begged my angels for help. Before I went in for the next day's appointment, I decided I would stop by a grotto reported to have granted miracles for those who had prayed there.

When I left the house, I sat in my car with tears streaming down my face, crying, "Please angels, give me a sign that my prayers will be heard and my daughter will come out of this okay!"

I started the car and went toward the grotto. As I approached the main intersection of my town, I saw a billboard. The billboard had a beautiful angel with outstretched arms. On the left side of the angel were the words, "All that you ask is given!" I began crying uncontrollably with joy. I knew this was my sign!

I went to the grotto and gave thanks for the sign. When I had the ultrasound with the two doctors an hour later, they had that troubled look on their faces again. My doctor then said, "I know what I saw yesterday because I have the film right here! I don't know how to explain it, but what I saw yesterday is gone!" He couldn't believe it, but I did.

Suzanne's daughter
On my way back home, I was back at the intersection, but the angel on the billboard was gone! The billboard was now showing a lottery ad from the day before. I felt even more joy.

My doctor had me go back [to his office] once a week for three weeks to confirm the findings. The defects never came back. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is strong and healthy to this day. For that and so many things, I give thanks everyday to my angels and to my maker. I always talk to them and I feel their guidance with me. I can't see it any other way!


My daughter is a very healthy and happy 12-year-old who spends most days practicing competitive cheerleading, singing, and reading. She is a great friend to others, she loves animals, and she believes in her angels!

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