Celtic Angels are spirits who take a special interest in the affairs of humans. They seek out people who are becoming more aware of the spiritual dimensions of their own life and try to help them to progress. Through them, people learn to fulfill their purpose in life, for each one of us is born with lessons to learn.

Not all spirits are Celtic Angels, as not all spirits want to interact with us. Indeed most spirits are indifferent to humans. Often I imagine these spirits as wisps of early morning mist lingering on the branches and leaves of a great ancient oak. The Celtic Angel is the spirit who appears to us either literally in a human form or whispers to us as we sit and meditate under the canopy of leaves.

Angel Whispers

Celtic Angels seek to communicate with us all the time. These are the whispers that we hear in our mind. Most of the time we are not even aware of them. When we do hear an Angel Whisper, we may erroneously call it intuition, or a hunch or even something that we "feel in our waters"!

The advice or information the Celtic Angels wish to impart may not be earth-shattering or life-changing. It may simply be advice on how to make someone feel better. I had an example of this recently when suddenly, without thinking about it, I had the notion to buy a small present for my partner. When we met up again, it turned out that the morning had not gone well and so my little present was much appreciated. And of course not only did my partner feel better, so did I!

Take a few moments now to sit and think of all the things that have happened to you in the last few days caused by you following your Angel Whispers. Initially you might imagine that nothing like that has happened to you. But think again. Remember that sudden thought that you made you call an ill relative, that sudden idea to cut the grass a couple of hours before the rain started or the decision about what to make for dinner.

Maybe you found a parking space easily in a busy parking lot by sensing where there was a space. Parking in the small market town of Wetherby, near Leeds, on a busy summer's day, not only did we need to find a space, it had to be large enough for our big van. My colleague called on her angels for guidance and we immediately found the only space in the whole lot. As we locked the van, one local came up and told us it was uncanny how the space had come free just as we entered the lot.

At the end of each day write down the Angel Whispers that you listened to and what subsequently happened. You'll be amazed how often you have heard the angels talk to you and you were not even aware of it!

After a while you might want to write down the Angel Whispers that you didn't follow. Try to see the consequences of ignoring the feeling. I vividly remember one day when I had an urge not to go on to the freeway but to take the scenic route instead. Anxious to get my journey over, I argued with myself and instead turned on to the freeway. An hour and a half later I had traveled about a mile in a huge traffic jam. There are few things more frustrating than sitting in a traffic jam knowing that if you had only listened to your angels, you could have been home half an hour ago.

Often your Angel Whispers are not so obvious. At the end of the day, you might wonder why it seemed so important at the time. Perhaps, like the freeway hold-up, it is to avoid something. If I had listened to my angels and driven the other way, I might have called myself daft for adding time to my journey. In fact it would have cut almost an hour from the travel time.

Other times the whispers might encourage you to pick out a book you otherwise might not have bothered with; perhaps to think of a friend you have not seen for a while or maybe even spontaneously to decide to drive home a different way from work. The results of these actions need not be dramatic but remember you are being directed in some small way. And the more you listen to your Angel Whispers, the more magical and special your life will become.

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