I had offered the refuge of my home to a man who had just been just released from prison. Unknown to me at the time, the prison in he had been incarcerated was one of the most notorious in Europe, and ran a brutal regime. He had been confined in one of its is for several years, arid as the days passed, it became increasingly clear that this man had both witnessed and participated in such extremes of experience that he had become dangerously unstable, if psychopathic. To make matters even more unsettling and eerie, his mental balance deserted him as darkness fell each evening, turning gradually after dawn. This meant that sleep during the night was usually impossible; and after a week or two of this harrowing routine, I began to feel that my own sanity was becoming somewhat blurred around the edges. One night, events reached a climax. He grabbed the curtains and tried to set them on fire with is cigarette lighter, announcing that it was our destiny to die together in the flames. It was at this point that I put out a silent call to my guardian angel to come to my aid.

Shortly afterwards, his mood changed and his attitude became more normal. He was able to set out on a long healing journey from that point (necessarily, away from my home!) which culminated in a desire to help others trapped in similarly dark places of the soul. The incident I have described was so dramatic, traumatic and transformative that I would like to try to explain what I sensed actually took place after I made my call to my guardian angel.

First of all, I was given instantly an inner reassurance that I was not alone, and that all would be well. Secondly, I received an intimation that the situation was very delicately balanced, and that to bring it to a conclusion without either of us suffering serious injury would require absolute cooperation on my part. This cooperation consisted of remaining quiet and collected, taking no action or decision of my own, and waiting for the Promptings of my guardian angel. Thirdly, I became aware that my angel called on the spirit of the beautiful pine tree that stood outside the window, and that both angel and tree-spirit conjoined to create a stabilizing and protective energy field around my dangerous predicament seemed to have three main functions: to prevent further escalation of the disruption; to ground and calm us both with energies from the wise, strong, serene, sane Earth; and to introduce the cleansing and loving influences from the tree-spirit right into the tumultuous heart of the situation, where they combined with those of my angel to soothe the jagged, lightning-like dangerous dynamics in expression all around us. As this was achieved, the angel and the tree spirit together instantaneously began to build a new, purer atmosphere of reassuring normality in which wholesome human responses could flourish. I then became aware that my disturbed friend's guardian angel was lending its strength and support to the entire operation although its aid was not frilly able to manifest until he had begun to calm down.
All of this took place immediately and simultaneously. It confirmed my half-formed belief that the guardian angel does indeed summon others of its kin to rectify a threatening situation, and, furthermore, calls on etheric beings (such as the tree-spirit) to lend their aid as well. In other words, the guardian angel networks!

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