The angels can work with your energy to make miracles happen. I love to make angel humming balls, which are very simple and very powerful, and it is a lovely exercise to do with a group. You make a ball of sound and color which you invite the angels to fill with their light.

If you know someone who feels lonely or has had a heartbreak, focus on the color pink and direct the angels of love to fill your ball with their compassion and love.

Cynthia told me that her sister, Jean, was very upset after her husband left her. She cried all the time and could not get over it. At a workshop Cynthia made an angel love ball for her sister and sent it to her. ‘When she called on her sister on the way home, Jean smiled at her for the first time since her husband left and from that moment started to live again.

At one workshop we made angel peace balls. I asked everyone to think of the color they associated with peace and to invite the angels of color to help them. They hummed into the ball and invited the angels of sound to work with them. Then we invoked the Angels of Peace to add their light.

A year later I returned to the same place and one of the participants told me that he had sent his golden peace ball to his mother, who had been in deep depression since his brother died. At the time he sent it, she was sitting at home in her sitting room. To her amazement she saw a golden light hovering around the room. Her depression lifted completely and she was able to resume her life.

On another occasion, a young man wrote me a similar story. His mother was still grieving for his brother. He made a pink healing ball at a workshop for his mother. When he sent it she felt comforted by it.

Sometimes we make beautiful vibrantly colored ball throw them to people and places which need to be cheered. The Angels of Joy always love to participate in this.

Healing balls also contain the possibility of miracles. The love and focus you put into the ball as you add color and sound enables the angelic forces to connect to the other person through you. A friend sent a deep blue healing ball to her uncle who was hobbling around after a knee injury and it got better more quickly than anyone had expected.

You can make a power ball and send it to someone who is nervous about an interview. I have done this and it really did give the man I sent it to courage. Or send a power ball to someone who is taking exams and it will hold them steady.

You can energize an abundance ball or one for love, prosperity, success, family harmony or even happiness and confidence.

If you are making a power ball or a peace ball and handing it to someone you know, place it in their solar plexus. If it is a love ball, place it in their heart. If you are asking the angels to help someone with their trust levels or their ability to communicate, place the humming ball in their throat center. If someone feels unsafe and you are making an angel safety ball for them, place it in their base center. If in doubt about where in the recipient to place your ball, ask the angels for guidance and act intuitively.

It is possible for several people to make an angel humming ball and then join them together into one huge one. This has a real impact when it is sent out.

Occasionally, at a workshop, all the participants create a humming ball and we send them to a trouble spot. It is a joyous feeling to sense or see the different colored balls of light, all radiating their own vibration, bouncing into the challenged area and helping to bring peace, healing, empowerment, joy, confidence, calmness and a million other qualities into that place.

One reason that humming balls are so effective is that you are holding the focus and intention for some time. When you call Angels of Sound they will take the perfect note from your singing, humming, or toning and use it. In the same way, the Angels of Cole will take the perfect shade from the color you are sending. And course the Angels of the quality you are focusing on are also helping.

EXERCISE: Sending a Humming Ball

  1. Decide to whom you are sending the angel ball and what quality your ball is to contain. Decide on the color you are sending.
  2. Close your eyes and rub your hands together, to open the hand chakras and build up energy.
  3. Move your hands about a foot apart until you can feel a sensation of resistance or cold or warmth or a tingling feeling.
  4. Think or visualize the color you are using and invoke the Angels of Color to work with you.
  5. Invoke the Angels of whichever quality you are sending to add their light.
  6. Hum into the ball and call in the Angels of Sound to work with you. Do this for as long as seems appropriate.
  7. Send the ball to a person or place and picture it being absorbed.
  8. Thank the angels.

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