Whenever I talk about the angels of abundance, people immediately think in terms of money and material possessions. However, abundance means much more than that, it means a plentiful supply of all the good things in life: a fulfilling relationship, a worthwhile career, stimulating vacations, enjoyable hobbies, good friendships, excellent health, a strong faith, and sufficient money to satisfy your needs.

Many people find it hard to believe that they can enjoy abundance in every area of their lives. These people lack faith. We live in an abundant world. All you need do is look at how fruitful nature is to realize this.

Sadly, many people attract lack rather than abundance. They do this by constantly thinking negative thoughts. Usually, it not their fault, as poverty consciousness begins in childhood. If your family regularly expressed thoughts along the line of “money doesn’t grow on trees” when you were growing up, you may well have a poverty consciousness. Fortunately, the angels of abundance are willing to help you change long-standing patterns of behavior that are affecting your ability to attract and enjoy all the good things of life.

Jessie Belle Rittenhouse (1869-1948), the American folk poet, wrote a famous poem called The Wage:
I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store;
For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why you must bear the task.
I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have paid.
Do not settle for a penny when you know you much more.

You can call on the angels of abundance at any time, but strangely, it is best to call on them when you’re feeling positive about your life. When you’re feeling upbeat, happy and motivated you’re more likely to listen, absorb and act on the suggestions the angels of abundance give you.

Naturally, you can still call on them when you are feeling sad or impoverished, but be aware that you will need to be vigilant and aware to accept and act upon the advice they give you.

Victor's Experience

I sometimes wondered why Victor came to my classes. He was a highly successful businessman who owned a chain of women’s fashion stores. Every now and again, I saw photographs of him and his glamorous wife in the gossip pages of our Sunday newspaper. I gradually learned more about him from the conversations we had after the classes. He owned houses in two countries, collected antique cars, and travelled regularly. It seemed he was living the perfect life.

Victor was quiet in the class, but took pages of notes every week. Occasionally, he would ask a question, but seldom contributed when class members were invited to share their experiences. Consequently, I was surprised when he arrived back at class after a seven-week overseas vacation and asked if he could speak about his experience with the angels of abundance.

“I was surprised to discover the angels of abundance,’ Victor told us. “I thought hard work and dedication were all that mattered. Eve been very fortunate financially, and thought I knew all about abundance.” He shook his head. “Not true. I’ve a better idea now, though.’

He proceeded to tell us about his two sons, twins aged twenty-five. “I was too hard on them from the outset,” he confessed, “I had to work hard when I was young, and I thought I’d be giving them good work habits. Unfortunately, nothing they did was ever good enough for me. I forgot they were only kids. I gave them all the material things you could ever dream of; but I never gave them what they really wanted — my love,’ Victor briefly looked as if he was going to cry, but swallowed and kept on talking. “Kathy kept telling me, but I knew better. Then one Christmas, six years ago, Dave and Joel disappeared. They were both at college and living at home. One night they were home, next morning they’d gone. They kept in touch with Kathy, so we knew they were all right. They’d left because I didn’t love them.’ This time, Victor did break down, and it was a few minutes before he was able to continue.

“Of course I loved them. They mean everything to me. But, you know, I searched through my mind and I couldn’t recall a single time when I’d told them how much I loved them. Not one. The boys stayed together. They travelled around the world, stopping to work here and there, usually where there were surf beaches. Kathy went and saw them at different places over the years. They refused to accept any money from her. I gave her letters to give them, but they never replied.

“Then we started talking about the angels of abundance, and I realized I had everything, everything except what really mattered. You know I hadn’t laughed, really laughed, in years. I did the ritual and when I recited the 23 psalm I felt a sense of peace come over me. I hadn’t read or said that psalm in at least thirty years. I spoke to the angels, and they told me what to do.’ Victor paused and looked around the room. “That’s why I haven’t been here. I went to see my sons.’

Victor almost choked up again. “Kathy told me where they were, and she promised not to tell them I was coming. They’re in southern Thailand. They’re doing very well:’ Victor smiled with pride. “They have a charter boat and take tourists out fishing. I booked a day on the boat. Actually, I booked the whole boat. You should have seen the look in the boys’ faces when I turned up for the fishing trip. It was a bit awkward to begin with. We didn’t do any fishing. We just sailed around in the boat and talked. We talked and talked. I finally managed to say what I should have said years and years ago. We hugged and cried, I spent the next two weeks with them, and they’re coming home for Christmas. Kathy’s already preparing for it. The funny thing is, I thought I was happy in the past, but I’ve never been happy, ever. I always thought making money was what it’s all about, but I think I’ve finally learned what true abundance is all about.’

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