Ptolemy Tompkins is a Senior Editor at Angels on Earth Magazine. His articles interweave humorous personal stories with poignant observations and edgy commentary on angels, pop culture, and today's spirituality.

Body Thoughts
We have to overlook our obsession with the physical body to see what our surroundings really say about our souls.

The perks of being mistakenly recognized as a famous actor eventually waned when I recognized real fame.

I Like That Party Hat
Are the angels partying in heaven just like the dogs in my favorite childhood book?

How two toy dinosaurs helped me see the fragile spirituality of our world.

A Dream of Flight
The human desire to fly--physically and spiritually--is a profound way to transcend like the angels.

Now Do You Know Who You Really Are?
When I was a child, an unusual cartoon taught me how to understand my true self and my spirituality.

What do iPods and cell phones have in common with Jacob's ladder?

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