About 10 years ago, in reading spiritual articles and books, I kept noticing the word “benevolent” in stories about angels. As this is not a commonly used word, it really jumped out at me. One day I read a suggestion to request benevolent outcomes for events in your life. I decided to try it out, and was amazed how perfectly it worked for everything--from small requests such as a parking spot next to a busy restaurant or a seat on the subway to really important situations in my business and personal life.

Now, I request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s as I call them) for everything. When requesting MBOs, always thank your guardian angel, and the more emotion you can put into these requests the better. These requests need to be said aloud or in writing. After having made about 10,000 and 15,000 of these requests over the years, I am firmly convinced that our guardian angels are there to assist us in living more gentle lives. We just have to ask.

If you are like most people, you consider pets a part of your family. You love them and receive much love in return, and worry when they become ill or lost. Below I will give you suggestions on lowering your stress level when things with these lovable family members become worrisome.

When it's time to add a pet to your family, say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding the perfect pet for our family. Thank you." If you have definitely decided on getting a dog or a cat you can be specific in your request, but if you have not decided, let your guardian angel and the Universe assist you.

Perhaps when you go to an animal shelter one of the attendants will point out a pet that arrived that morning. Or, you will be drawn to one particular animal that your heart knows is the perfect companion for your family. Or, perhaps before you go out to search, a friend calls about a dog or a cat that just had a litter. Your guardian angel works in amazing ways, and I can assure you it's fun to sit back and see how the pieces of the puzzle come together when you make requests for MBOs. Just remember that requesting Benevolent Outcomes has to be benevolent for all concerned.

One of my own dogs, Sandy, was found on the side of a busy highway and transferred to a local animal shelter. A beagle-dachshund mix, she now roams the neighborhood whenever my familyy accidentally leaves the gate open, which certainly could mean the permanent loss of a sweet, lovable dog. When this happens, I immediately say , "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding Sandy safe and sound. Thank you." Thanking your guardian angel and making the requests with emotion works best.

Whenever I request an MBO, Sandy is always found even though once some workmen were holding her in a remodeled house down the street from us. Searching the grounds of the house for the third time (I "felt" that she was nearby), she suddenly appeared. Another time, Sandy ran across four lanes of traffic on a busy street next to our house; we found her "socializing" with other dogs within a one-block radius. Requesting a benevolent outcome always puts me at ease, as I know that I'm going to find her. It takes away the stress and worry.

So, requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome for your life with loving companions can do so much to make life more enjoyable!

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