When I’d read aloud my intention to meet the Dalai Lama to my friends during our [my husband, Steven, and me] New Year’s Eve ceremony, I felt in my gut that it would happen. So I was thrilled to learn that he was appearing at the University of California, Irvine campus near my home. I immediately purchased tickets to the event.

I researched the protocol for meeting the Dalai Lama and discovered that it was traditional to present him with a special white silk scarf called a kata. I purchased two katas through an online Buddhist-supplies store, one for myself and one for Steven.

At first I tried to arrange a private meeting with His Holiness. I contacted his office to interview him for this book, and the Hay House publicity team did the same. We were told that His Holiness was definitely not giving interviews on this tour—yet I knew I was going to meet him. I had no choice but to turn the whole thing over to Heaven and trust that it would somehow happen.

The afternoon of the Dalai Lama’s talk, I put on a pretty but conservative dress and placed the katas in my purse. I had no doubt that I’d meet him that day, and saw myself presenting the kata to His Holiness.

As we drove to the Bren Events Center at the university, I was amazed by the crowds jamming to get into the building. Security guards lined the streets and checked each person. Cell phones weren’t allowed inside and had to be left at a special security stand outside, where you were given a claim ticket to retrieve your phone after the event. Since virtually every person in Southern California is plugged in to technology, the cell-phone security line was long and slow-moving. Fortunately, Steven and I hadn’t brought our phones, so we sailed through the metal detectors and into the arena.

A hush settled over the audience as the Dalai Lama entered and sat in a beautifully carved chair center stage. I noticed his beautiful violet and emerald green aura, mixed with some yellow. These colors showed his spiritual gifts of healing and a clear connection that enabled him to receive messages from the Divine. The yellow indicated some stress connected to his mission, which required him to travel ceaselessly as a spokesperson for Buddhism, as well as Tibetan freedom.

The Dalai Lama’s easygoing countenance showed his devotion to meditation. He appeared to be someone who didn’t think much about materiality, as all of his needs were met. I could tell that he lectured because of an inner calling, coupled with his sense of loving duty. The Dalai Lama’s English was charmingly stilted, so an interpreter translated his words for the talk.

The Meeting and the Blessing

As the presentation ended and everyone stood to give the Dalai Lama their enthusiastic ovation, I told Steven, 'Okay, time to go meet him. Are you coming with me?'

'It’s not happening,' he replied. 'There are too many people here.'

'Okay,' I said, stepping over Steven’s legs so I could walk down the aisle toward the stage where His Holiness was exiting.

I opened my kata scarf and walked in a direction intersecting with him as he walked offstage. I held up the kata to the security guard and said, 'I’d like to give this to His Holiness,' and the guard moved aside to let me through.

I held up my kata so that the Dalai Lama could see it, and he walked straight toward me! I handed him my offering, and he held it with his eyes closed, sending blessings into the white silk fabric. Then he put his face very close to mine so our foreheads nearly touched, and he looked me straight in the eyes. His eyes were smiling, and he was fully present and so lively. He had a huge, happy grin on his face.

The intensity of the moment was almost unbearable. The Dalai Lama’s energy and personality was unlike anyone I’d ever met: He was so pure, so childlike, yet so regal! It was unworldly, really.

In my mind, I sent him the thought, I love you. God bless you for all you do and for who you are! I felt so much gratitude for his tireless service to the world and to the cause of peace, and I received the strong message that I needed to meditate more often.

Then, other people from the audience who saw me having a private moment with His Holiness gathered and pushed behind me. The Dalai Lama put the kata scarf around my neck, as his gift to me after filling it with blessings. Then his security guards whisked him away. He was gone.

I was shaking. Joannie Light, an Angel Therapy Practitioner and staff member, had witnessed the entire interaction, and she came over to revel in the moment with me. As we hugged, I found myself speechless. Fortunately, Joannie is so psychic that we didn’t need to exchange words. She told me her own miracle story of how she’d just purchased her third-row-center seat the prior evening, even though the event had been sold out for weeks.

Joannie and I found Steven in the crowd, and I hugged him with excitement. When he didn’t warmly embrace me, I looked into his eyes and saw that he was hurt and angry that I’d met the Dalai Lama without him.

I empathized with Steven’s pain, even if it seemed illogical to me—after all, I'd asked him to come with me! As we walked to our car, Steven said, 'You're ballsier than I am.' It sounded like a put-down.

I stopped and looked at him and replied, 'Yes, you're right. I am ballsy. This is who I am. It's one of the reasons why I’m successful, because I have no fear of following my visions.'

'I can't and won't hold back from following my guidance,' I said. 'I'm frequently right, and you should follow my lead, whether I'm a woman or not.'

So many times while teaching lightworkers in my Angel Therapy courses, I’d have similar discussions with my students. I’d reassure them that power wasn’t synonymous with being aggressive or competitive. That belief comes from the fear that you have to grab your share before anyone else does. Power is about knowing clearly what you desire without worrying about 'how' it will manifest. It comes from following your inner visions and guidance without delay

Feminine power means being receptive to all the gifts life constantly offers. After all, feminine energy is receptive. Women become unbalanced when they only give and don’t allow themselves to receive. Many of my female students complain that their prayers go unanswered; however, this is because they’re unwilling to receive Heaven’s gifts, which come through various sources. One such source is when people offer to help you. You’d be surprised by how many people push away offers of help!

Sourcer-esses must dance in their feminine energy and be gracious receivers of life’s generous offerings. Say yes to offers of help, and thank you to gifts, and watch your life begin to take magical turns!

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