Find Out: Is there an angel who can help me find love? I would like to have a companion in my life, someone who I can trust, who I can go to dinner or a movie with, who I can sit with for a good conversation. I know there is help out there, but I don't know how to go about getting it.
- Regina M.

Yes, Regina, God is interested in helping you find love. The Bible teaches that God uses His angels to help us in every important area of our lives. One of the great stories in the Old Testament is found in Genesis 24. Here we find an angel who plays a major role in finding a bride for Isaac. Although times and marriage customs have changed since Isaac's and Rebecca's era, Genesis 24 reveals that angels play a part in love and romance.  However, the verses do not tell us how the angel did his work. Today we may not be aware that God is at work, but God is still using his angels to arrange our life circumstances and to guide us in our choices.

Here are some general principles to guide you in finding love:
  • Remember that what you are really looking for is God’s will. The closer you are to God, the easier it will be to find His will in every decision, including love.
  • Pray specifically for guidance in finding a companion. Notice that in Genesis 24 the prayer for guidance was offered to God, not the angel.
  • As in Genesis 24, go where you are most likely to find someone who shares your values and faith.
  • Be aware that you may find someone in the most ordinary activities of life. For Rebecca it was in the daily routine of drawing water from the well.
  • Since you never know when God is working in your life, always be a kind, generous, and helpful person. Rebecca even offered to water 10 camels!
To learn more about how  an angel helped Isaac found his wife, read Genesis 24 and my retelling of the story, "The Romantic Angel: Finding A Bride for Isaac."

I am deaf. Do the angels talk with their voices? Or do they talk with their minds or hearts to offer wisdom and warnings?
- Janice

In the Bible and in life now angels bring messages that are tailored for each person. Sometimes these come in an audible voice. Sometimes they come in a dream. Many people have told me that they received messages from an angel when they were wide awake, but they heard no voice. Often messages are given in a split second, although it would take longer for the words to be spoken by a human. This is an example of what you have called “in the mind or heart.” Not everyone receives messages from an angel, but if you do, your deafness will be no problem for God’s angels when they communicate with you.

Has God already created all the angels that will ever exist?
- Rebecca Dawn

There is a great difference between the creation of humankind and angels. People are born; angels are created directly by God. Psalm 148 says, “Praise Him, all his angels...for He commanded and they were created.” Angels are a company; people are a race.

Every angel was created directly by God. Colossians 1:16 clearly states that Jesus Christ is the creator of angels (referred to here as things invisible, thrones, powers, rulers, and authorities). We cannot say for certain, but most theologians believe these verses reveal that angels were created simultaneously. They were present at creation, for Job 38:7 states that when the world was created, “the morning stars sang together, and all the angels shouted for joy.”
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