Find Out: I pray every night for angels to appear as visible beings. I have read many different books stating it is possible, but I have never been able to see angels no matter how hard I try. As I struggle to see angels, I find myself struggling to feel them as well. What can I do to reassure myself they are with me? I desperately need to see and feel them.
–Amy Inman

I have also read many of the books that reveal ways to attract angels and to see them. Some books suggest wearing certain colors or burning candles with the right scent. Still other books suggest meditating or using incantations to call on angels. None of these instructions are found in the Bible. If it was important to have knowledge to summon angels, certainly the Bible would have given instructions. Angels do not appear to us because they are summoned, but because God sends them. Very few people, including most spiritual leaders, ever see an angel. But the angels are real and present in your life. Trust God who promised that angels are with you (Psalm 91:11). Your desperate need is for God, not for an angel. Learn to trust God by praying, reading the Bible, and attending your house of worship. Ask your pastor to help you deepen your relationship with God.

I have faith in angels and would like to know if it is acceptable to ask them for a sign. Some people see white feathers, etc., that are signs from angels. I need guidance and I particularly need to find peace within myself.
–Patti Hiscox

Sometimes God give signs to show his will. People in the Bible knew God was leading them, but no one ever found a white feather as a sign. Pray and ask God to lead you. Become familiar with biblical principles about how your choices can please God. Talk with a trusted friend or leader at your church. Start making small decisions that will honor God. Enjoy the adventure of faith as you make conscious decisions every day to live with God’s help. God will bless you, and His unseen angels will help in amazing ways.

I read on the Internet that Cherubim were created from the tears of the Archangel Michael. Is this true?
–Manusha Rabel

Traditional Muslim teachings claim that cherubim were formed from the tears Michael shed over the sins of the faithful. But, according to the Bible, God created the cherubim as cherubim; they were created from nothing.

Are angels present at the death of all Christians? Does an angel lead Christians to heaven?
–Cathy S.

Yes, the wonderful news is that God sends his angels to Christians, even the most "ordinary" ones at the time of their deaths. No special treatment is given only to the saints or Christians who were famous on earth. In Luke 16:22 Jesus taught that even an "ordinary" beggar was carried to heaven at his death by the angels.

Are there such things as “earthbound” angels, people who have been to the other side and lived to tell about it?
–Trev C

Many people who have out-of-body experiences in which they are certain they have been to the "other side” of heaven and returned to earth say they've seen angels. They are not “earthbound angels,” but people who have had a remarkable experience and lived to tell it. In 2 Corinthians 12: 2-4 the Apostle Paul recounts what may have been such an experience, but afterward he did not consider himself to be an angel of any type. In the Bible, people never become angels.
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