One night, I was praying diligently in the Holy Spirit for God to deliver people from drugs. From midnight until 6:00 A.M., I interceded with God because I was determined not to rest until I received an answer from Him. Early the next morning, God sent an angel to give me a vision.

As I was caught up in the Spirit, I saw beams of light shoot like arrows from my home straight into heaven. Then I saw the gates of heaven open up, and I saw an army of huge horses. The backs of the horses were approximately four feet wide, and their hooves were about a foot wide. These majestic animals were pure white in color and had skin like satin. They were beautiful, and they were outfitted in armor, ready for battle.

Then I saw those who were riding the horses. They were angels who looked as if they were twelve feet tall or even taller. They were very broad shouldered and wore what looked like big army boots. Pieces of a metal-like substance were strapped around their knees and shins, covering the lower half of their legs. From their waists to their knees, they wore long garments of metal. They had on breastplates of iron, and their sleeves were made of material I have never seen before, but which looked like silver mixed with gold. Each angel had a large sword hanging at his side. Flames shot out from the bottoms and tops of the swords. The angels also wore fierce-looking helmets. Their faces were covered, but there were holes in the helmets that they could see through. Fire came from their mouths, and their eyes were flames of fire. If you saw them on earth, you might think the devil was coming after you; however, I knew that they were coming from heaven to help us.

These angel warriors were riding in formation, rank upon rank, just like an earthly army that is getting ready for battle. It was obvious that they were prepared. Stern-faced and powerful, the angels headed straight for the earth on those mighty horses.

When they reached the earth, the Lord showed me a vision of the horses and riders going into the cities. They rode into the nighttime streets where the drug dealers, murderers, prostitutes, gay bars, and nightclubs were—the streets of pain and sorrow. I saw them go into homes and other places where people were being tormented spiritually. At first, I prayed in alarm, “Oh, my Lord!” Then it occurred to me that they were going in with a powerful deliverance, not a fierce judgment. I saw them walk up to people on the street who were spiritually bound and who didn’t even know the angels were there.

On the bound people, I could see spirits— dark shapes, like monkeys or demons. The evil tormentors had wings on their shoulders. Around their heads or their bodies were serpents. What I was seeing was real people who were being attacked by invisible evil spirits.

I saw the warrior angels go up to the evil spirits and cast off the serpents. The angels then seemed to turn the evil spirits into ashes—fire came out of the angels’ hands and appeared to cremate the demons. The angels would also touch some of the street people’s heads and pull oppressive, evil-looking things off them. I knew they were unclean spirits. The people would shake their heads in relief right there on the street as they were being delivered.

I saw the warrior angels do these things in many locations. For example, I watched the angels go into a place that looked like a nightclub. They went to a man who was sitting in a bar and crying because he had a dark spirit on his shoulder. An angel jerked the monster off him (it was bigger than the man himself), and the thing was turned into ashes. The man shook his head, dried his tears, stood up, and walked out the door. The Holy Spirit said to me,

A change is coming. A deliverance is coming. I am delivering many from the trickery and bondage of sin and Satan. You will see a big move of my Spirit in the lands, and I will deliver many through the prayers of the saints. I am anointing you for this ministry because you’ve been crying out to Me for the deliverance of the people. I will do this thing for you.
Then I saw the angels go into hospitals and other places, delivering people from sicknesses and diseases. It was awesome to see the mighty works of these warrior angels. Demons fled from them. They trembled because they knew they were being destroyed.

For several weeks, I saw this as a recurring vision. I’d be caught up in it and see the angels and the Word. The Bible would open up at times—I would see the scrolls—as the angels worked with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

God showed me that, all over the world, deliverance had come in the name of the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. What an awesome sight it was!

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