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  • Are there angels that specialize in certain needs?
  • Can fallen angels choose their own physical form?

    There has been an interesting response by Beliefnet readers to the poll, "Should people praying for a parking space?" Do respond to the poll if you have not done so yet.

    The poll began with Barbara L’s question, "Is it possible to have a Parking Angel?"  Her question has lead me to answer the self-posed question: Are there "angel specialists"?

    Some books written by "angel experts," including one expert who claims to receive information directly from the Archangel Michael, teach that God has created beings with specific areas of expertise (what I call "angel specialists"). These experts claim we can call on these special angels to offer help in areas in which we have need. For example, in the book Angel First Aid: RX for Miracles by Sue Storm, parents can call on Serena, the angel of children, for insights into your child’s personality. Financial specialists include Katrina, the angel of prosperity; Alan, the angel of investments; and Trevor, the angel of stocks. Gunther, the angel of fitness will help you stay in shape, while Phillip, the angel of employment, will help you find a job or create a better work environment. Do you have a lost dog? Then ask Laramie, the angel of discovery, to deliver your pet home safe and sound. One book lists 55 different "angel specialists" including Rex, the angel of cars, who works with mechanics and oversees automobile performance. But I have never found a Parking Angel mentioned in any list of angels.

    The evidence is clear: The concept of "angel specialists" is nowhere in the Bible or in mainstream Christian faith. Biblical angels are described as possessing great intelligence, wisdom, ability, strength, and power, but nowhere is there a hint of angels who specialize in particular needs. The scriptures teach that God is concerned for you and all your needs; you are in good hands with God’s angels. If it is God’s will for you to find a parking place, be assured that your guardian angel is up to the task.

    I know that the "non-fallen" angels act only according to God's will. However, can fallen angels take on a physical form of their own will? In other words, can fallen angels take on a physical form with the intention to deceive? Could even lights be physical manifestations of demons?
    --Kathy Alvarez

    Yes, fallen angels take on forms of their own choosing to carry out their evil plans. Satan did this by appearing as a serpent in the Garden of Eden. It is possible that fallen angels may choose to appear as lights. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says: “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” That's why it's important to test any angelic message. God’s holy angels will never contradict what God has revealed in the Bible.(For more information on how to tell apart fallen angels from "non-fallen" ones, you can read one of my previous columns, "Good Angels, Bad Angels."
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