Everyone needs divine intervention now and then. Explain angels to your children through books based on cartoon panels, Biblical stories, traditional prayers, Jewish folklore, and a humorous guardian angel tale.

Illustrated by Shinsuke Tanaka
Purple Bear Books
Ages: 4-8

In this story told without words, a farmer discovers an abandoned puppy with a unique feature: wings! After the puppy comes home, the wings lead it to adventure (a high ride above town) and mischief (the ride interrupts the daily lives of the townsfolk). Angry, the locals demand that the farmer tie up the dog's wings.  Unable to fly, tragedy occurs when the dog is forced to sacrifice his life to save another dog.  Despite the tragedy, a surprise twist at the end will show young readers that even in the midst of sadness, hope is always on the horizon. Children will enjoy the animé-like illustrations and have fun inventing their own dialogue.
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The Lion Treasury of Angel Stories
By Mary Joslin; Illustrated by Elena Temporin
Lion Hudson Plc
Age: 4-8

This charming book alternates abridged Bible stories with traditional prayers. Told in simple prose, it offers a good foundation of Biblical angels, including the angel who guards Paradise after the fall of Adam and Eve; angels on a stairway in Jacob's dream; and angels that herald Jesus’ resurrection. Short traditional prayers will also help children speak to God's messengers (I walk with angels before me. / I walk with angels behind me. / I walk with angels above me. / I walk with angels around me). Elena Temporin’s delightful watercolor-and-pen drawings are a refreshing complement to the text; kids will delight in the cartoon-like pictures.
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Angel Secrets
By Miriam Chaikin; Illus. Leonid Gore
Henry Holt and Co.
Age: 12 and older

This collection of midrash offers a mystical view of angels based on Jewish folktales and beliefs. From angels of forgetfulness to alphabet angels, Chaikin's stories offer explanations for the duties of various celestial creatures. Gore’s blue-green illustrations give the story a dream-like quality reminiscent of Marc Chagall, but the content and writing style is appropriate for mature children and adults. Barring the complex language and vocabulary, readers will be rewarded with revealing tales about the essence of God.
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Grandpa's Angel
By Jutta Baer
Candlewick Press
Age: 4-8

Lying in the hospital, a grandfather recounts his life's blessings and stories to his attentive young grandson. As a boy, the grandfather is miraculously saved from imminent dangers: being robbed by a thief, being crushed by a falling brick, and being run over by a bus. Little does he know, an invisible angel (illustrated as a blue outline) is constantly catching, pushing, lifting, and blocking him from harm. Bauer's spare line drawings grab attention without taking away from the equally spare but meaningful text that resonates on each page. Children will learn about the grace of God's protection in the form of angels.
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