Visualize your angels. Use your imagination: even if you cannot see them, what would they look like if you could? Write down how you think your own guiding angel appears. This exercise liberates your imagination, which in turn frees your intuition.

When you become adept at working with angels, you will simply go into a meditative state, quiet your conscious mind, tune in, and be still. If you have a specific question, you will ask your angel, let your mind go blank, and wait for an answer. However, when you are first developing this skill, it helps to follow a meditation ritual…. Also, try the everyday advice given below.

Practice being an angel yourself by acting as though you were already enlightened. Try to help others as often as possible: take up voluntary work, which helps both your community and yourself.

Learn to curb your anger. Take a deep breath and mentally count to ten before you reply to a hurtful comment or criticism. Responding to negativity with negativity simply draws in more of the same. Make a positive decision to bring love and light to every situation. Remember that you alone decide on the energy that you hold within your body and subtle bodies: no one else can influence you, unless you let them interfere in your life.

Eat a well-balanced diet, and take plenty of enjoyable exercise.
Take time each day to enjoy life to the full, and look for the positive in any situation. Use positive affirmations, such as ‘I now choose to allow angelic healing to manifest in my life – I am transformed.’ Count your blessings; be grateful, be humble, and remember that every day is a benediction – use it wisely to bring Heaven a little closer to Earth. Learn to smile more, and fill your home with love and laughter.

Read angel books–especially ones that contain stories of how other people’s lives were transformed by angels.

Befriend other angels here on the earthly plane (through the Internet, if you like). Organize angel gatherings or support groups.

Learn to be spontaneous. This frees your mind and aids your spiritual development.

Mentally ask your own angels for assistance. Get into the habit of calling on them first in any situation where you need help. If you don’t ask, you wont’ receive. However, on occasions when you are in danger, a guardian angel may have special dispensation from God to intervene and assist you (this often happens if children are in a life-threatening situation).

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