Once you start communicating with Michael, you will wonder how you managed to live your life without his aid and protection. However, you must not call on him every time you experience a minor problem or difficulty in your everyday life. Most of the time, you will be able to resolve your problems on your own, or with the help of friends and family. You should call on Michael for help only when the problem is too large or difficult to handle on your own.

The Michael Meditation

If possible, do this meditation at about the same time every day. You might like to meditate while lying in bed at night. Alternatively, you might prefer to lie on the floor... In the summer months, I like meditating outdoors, beside my oracle tree. It makes no difference where or when you perform this meditation.

Ideally, you need to be in a quiet, reflective state of mind. It takes me about thirty minutes to walk to my oracle tree and I find this time on my own extremely beneficial in preparing myself to contact Michael. In fact, even if I am going to contact Michael indoors, I often go for a walk first, as it restores my soul and helps me forget all the everyday problems of life.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible, and take several deep breaths, holding each breath for a few seconds before exhaling. Allow a wave of relaxation to flow through you each time you exhale.

Mentally scan your body to see if you are totally relaxed, and consciously relax any parts that are still tense. Once you feel totally relaxed, visualize yourself surrounded by pure white light. Allow yourself to bathe in the healing energy of this divine light.

Now it is time to invoke Michael. Say to yourself, silently or out loud: “Archangel Michael, my protector and guide. Thank you for helping me lead a good, honest, worthwhile life.  I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. Please con- to walk with me, and please help, protect, and sustain me every day of my life.”

Pause, and wait for a response. Words may appear in your mind, or you might feel a sense of reassurance and comfort. You might even feel yourself enveloped in his wings. People experience Michael in different ways, and the response you receive is likely to vary from time to time. If you are feeling pressed, for instance, you might hear clear words of comfort support. However, if everything is going well in your life, you might simply experience a sense of knowing Michael is with you.

Once Michael has responded, thank him again. Now is the time to ask for guidance, protection, or any other form of help. You might, for instance, ask him to walk by your side if you are about to face a difficult or stressful situation. Once you have made your request, offer thanks again.

Sit or lie quietly for a minute or two, then take three deep breaths and open your eyes. You will be able to continue your day feeling refreshed, revitalized, and with the assurance that Michael is continuing to look after you.

All the people I have spoken to about a daily communication with Michael say that the most important thing for them is the awareness that Michael is always close at hand. With this certainty in their hearts, they feel that they can withstand any of the difficulties that life might send their way.

A daily communion with Michael reinforces this. The ritual might take only five minutes from start to finish, but will provide life-enhancing hope, comfort, and support. It also demonstrates that you do not need to be a worthy or holy person to enjoy the help of an archangel. Michael is prepared to help you at anytime, no matter what you have done in the past.

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