Gabriel is willing to provide guidance whenever you wish. Here is an effective ritual that enables you to receive the benefit of her* advice whenever necessary.

Start by enjoying a pleasant walk. Ideally, this should be outdoors, but weather conditions might force you to indoors. Alternatively, you might like to drive to a shopping mall and walk under cover there.
While you are walking, look around and see how things you can locate that you are grateful for. You might be grateful for sunlight, the colors of fall, bookstores, automobiles, birds, grassy meadows, and the laughter of children. Obviously, if you are walking around your home you would come up with a different list. You might, for instance, give thanks for electric light, carpets, modern-day bathrooms, toothbrushes, and comfortable beds. Naturally, the things you are grateful for need not be “things.” You might give thanks for a warm smile, a gentle hand on your shoulder, a cooling breeze, and the gurgling sound of a stream. See how many blessings you can come up with during the course of your walk.

Walk for at least fifteen minutes. Half an hour would be even better. When you return home, sit down in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and run through your list of things to be grateful for. Visualize each one of them in your mind.

Once you have done this, it is time to think about your guidance. Think about the problem in general terms. You might be wondering whether or not to take a certain course at college. You might be thinking about buying a house, having another child, or starting a new relationship. Most of the time, the problem will be one that you have not been able to resolve yourself, which is why you are calling on Gabriel. Alternatively, you may have reached a decision, and now want Gabriel’s approval of it before you proceed. It makes no difference what area of life you need guidance in. Gabriel will be happy to provide it.

Take three deep breaths, holding each breath for a few moments, before exhaling slowly. In your mind, ask Gabriel to join you. You might say something similar to this:

“Blessed Archangel Gabriel, thank you for all the blessings in my life. I am grateful for your guidance, inspiration, and purification. Please come to me, as I need your help.”

Pause for thirty seconds. If you sense Gabriel around you, continue with your request. If you feel nothing at all, repeat the request. Do this up to three times.

If you experience nothing at all, return to the list of things you are grateful for. Again, visualize them as clearly as you can. Once you have done this, ask Gabriel to come to you. This time, explain your problem or difficulty after making the request.

Wait for thirty seconds. Hopefully, you will sense Gabriel’s presence in that time. If not, repeat your request. There is no need to feel upset or concerned if Gabriel does not come to your aid immediately. You have told her what the problem is, and the answer will come to you when you least expect it. I find the most frequent time for a response is when I wake up the next morning, and I find the answer has miraculously appeared in my mind.

Whether or not Gabriel has appeared, the ritual finishes in the same way. First, thank Gabriel for her help, support, and guidance. Thank her for being part of the same divine source that provided the world with all the things you were giving thanks for earlier. Go through the list of items you are grateful for again, take three deep breaths, and open your eyes.

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