I have had several encounters with angels over my life (and with YHWH Himself), but here is one of the most dramatic encounters in my life:

Many years back I worked in a restaurant owned by my in-laws. The restaurant had put a strain on their marriage and my mother-in-law was having an illicit affair with the chef. Everything was simply a big mess...until the day when an angel walked into the restaurant.

This particular angel was in human form and looked common. I did not recognize this "man," yet he knew my full name. He also knew the full name of my mother-in-law and asked to speak with her. She was busy at the time so I sat him at the counter and poured him a cup of tea and a glass of water. The man was gracious, ethereal, and he sat patiently until things had calmed down at the restaurant.

Something inside me seemed to know that the man was no human being. I went to my wife (who also worked at the restaurant) and told her that I believed the "man" was an angel. Even though the man looked to be in his late 50s, when I walked behind him I noticed the back of his neck showed no sign of aging. There was also a certain peace surrounding him.

Eventually, my mother-in-law sat down to talk to him. They sat talking for over four hours and when he got up to leave, my mother-in-law was shining and radiant with a pure light around her. At the same time, I noticed he had not drank a single drop of tea or water. Curious about the “man,” I followed his movements out the door to see where he was going. I kept a close eye on him as he walked down the street. There was a clear view of the entire area except for a camper that sat nearby. He made a right turn at the camper and never reappeared.

I ran outside the restaurant along with two other people who had also been watching him, and we swept the area. We even looked into the camper’s open windows. But, nobody was inside the camper or in the area—he had vanished! (No other explanation was possible, especially since three different people later confirmed witnessing his disappearance.)

After searching, I went back to the restaurant.  There, my mother-in-law confirmed the man had stated directly that he was an Angel of God sent to correct her and bring peace to the family. His message changed her life and she immediately ended the affair. I have since heard some fascinating stories regarding what the angel told my mother-in-law.

This story is absolutely true and I will never forget it....  I only wish that I had been honored to talk to the angel myself.

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