This interview was originally featured in September 2006.

At a young age Doreen Virtue was clairvoyant, capable of seeing angels and other metaphysical beings.  While her parents didn't encourage or discourage her psychic ability, she became a loner after being terribly teased by her peers. For years, Doreen rebuffed any contact from angels until she had a life-changing experience in 1995. Her book, Angels 101, is a guide for beginners who want to learn how to contact their heavenly helpers. She is currently planning International Angel Day, which will be a day of angel workshops held around the world.

If everyone has a guardian angel, why do terrorists or bad men do evil things? Are they guided by or surrounded by fallen angels?

The word ‘fallen angels’ to me is an oxymoron. There are earth-bound spirits and lower-energy spirits so everyone who’s very, very angry or very afraid or uses a lot of intoxicants tend to get those spiritual spirits. What I know is that everyone has angels; a lot of people just don’t listen to them. In the case of September 11, the terrorists obviously weren’t listening to the benevolent God and the angels that I know who would never, ever condone hurting anyone. We can wonder, “How could God let these bad things happen?” The answer is that nobody knows, but what I do know is that angels make things better than it could have been.

Did the angels prepare certain people for the 9/11 tragedy?

Yes, I believe that they did. I believe that many of the people who escaped the tragedy of [9/11] listened to their angels that morning. I have done some mediumship readings on some of the people who passed away in the Twin Towers. I was shown very clearly that Archangel Michael was there to help people pass over and make a peaceful transition. One person who had a horrific physical death showed me that he’s happy in heaven; he’s forgiven.

Tell me about International Angel Day.

The angels came to me in early June and said, “We want you to hold [a day] where people will give angel workshops worldwide on the same day and give part of the proceeds to children’s charities in their different communities.” So I said, “Ok, that sounds cool.” They told me to call it “International Angel Day” and they gave me a date. I didn’t even realize until after I set up “International Angel Day” that it was going to be on September 10, 2006, which is the day before the five-year anniversary of September 11. When I realized this, I thought, ‘Oh my god, they’re so ingenious.’ They want us to focus on the light and let go of the darkness and the anger. So on September 10, 2006, there will be introductory angel workshops around the world. People don’t even have to attend, but it’s still a day where they can ask the angels to help them to lose fear or to forgive; it’s a day that can bring more peace into everyone’s hearts.

I’ve heard that people who are desperate to loved ones have a harder time contacting angels. Should people who contact angels always be in a tranquil, calm mood?

There are some people who are so desperate to talk to angels or to see loved ones that they try too hard to hear the angels. They’re straining and pushing, and there’s an underlying fear that causes a strain that definitely interferes with contacting angels. So, it is best to be calm, even though it’s not always possible. Sometimes, it’s when we need to hear the angels the most that we have the hardest time hearing them. To avoid interference, I like asking for a sign. Here’s what I say: “Angels, please give me a clear sign in the physical world that I can easily notice and understand to give me guidance.” And then, I let go. I counsel people, “Don’t tell the angels what kind of sign to give you.” Don’t tell the angels to give you a rainbow or a lightning bolt. I ask them to give me a clear sign in the physical world that I can easily notice and understand. The angels are so ingenious, they’ll send us things like a song that we keep hearing over and over again. Maybe the song or the lyrics remind us of a friend who’s passed. Or, another sign may be that three people in a row will tell you to see the same movie or read the same book.