You can ask your angels to help you hear them better, or to understand the meaning of their more cryptic messages. Here are some other ways to increase the clarity of Divine communication with your angels.

Breathe. When we’re stressed, we often hold our breath. This blocks us from hearing the messages that could relive our stress. So, remember to breathe deeply when you’re conversing with your angels. The angels have told me their messages are carried upon the molecules of oxygen, so the more fresh air we breathe, the louder their messages seem to be. That’s why it’s easier to hear your angels when you’re outside in nature, or near water sources (including your shower or bathtub).

Relax. Trying too hard prevents clear Divine communication. You needn’t strain to hear your angels, as they’re more motivated than you are to communicate. Instead, relax your body with your breath. Be in a receptive state, and ask your angels to help you release any tension in your mind or body.

Follow their guidance. If your angels are asking you to improve your diet, it’s probably because they know that processed foods and chemicals create static on the Divine communication lines. Your angels are your best teachers in guiding you on how to better hear their voice. Ask for their guidance in this regard, and then follow whatever guidance you receive.

Ask for signs. If you’re unsure whether you’re accurately healing your angels, ask them to give you a sign. It’s best not to specify what type of sign you want. Allow the angels’ infinite creativity to devise a wonderful sign that you’ll easily recognize. You’ll delight in the loving sense of humor that angels display in their use of signs....

The angels speak to us in varied and creative ways, so if you feel that you're receiving an angel message, then you probably are. Ask your angels to help you recognize their signs and messages, and you'll begin to notice them all around you. The more you take note of and follow these signs with success, the more confidence you'll have in the angels and yourself.

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