Beliefnet asked our readers to share their original angel poetry.  We received an overwhelming response, and gathered a third and final round of readers' celestial writings for your enjoyment. You can read the first round of poetry here and the second round here. Thank you to all who submitted their poems.

Three Angels
By B. Walker

Three angels came in a dream one night
Standing in a row.
I looked upon the first of them
and my tears began to flow.

"I came for him," the angel said.
"I know it broke your heart.
The young and noble, fair of face--
They never should depart."
A glistening tear upon her cheek
that sparkled as the dew,
Showed me she understood my pain
as she added, "God loves you."

The second angel bowed her head,
repentant in her strife.
She said she'd been appointed
to guard him all his life.
"The Master had a different plan,
and He is in control.
The time had come, the hour arose,
When God would free his soul."

The pain pierced wildly in my heart
And crying with loud voice,
I screamed, "I prayed always for him!
So why was this God's choice?"

The third of angels raised his head,
A radiance all around...
I saw his face in change and form
and my heart began to pound!
There was my son, with the biggest smile!
He said, "Oh Mom, don't weep!
I see you in your tears and pain,
An angel's watch I keep.
I'm sorry its so hard for you
On earth without me there.
But my love is with you always
and God and I do care.
I'll help you take each tiny step
and lift you from your sorrow;
And very soon we'll get to hug!
It will seem just like tomorrow!
Please look for me in all the things
Of beauty that you see,
For I live on in love and peace--
I am forever free!"

I felt a calm, unlike before,

and wiped the tears away.
I said, "I love you" and woke up...
to face another day.

Just Before Daybreak 
By Lori Garrigus

In the stillness to the morning,
just before daybreak,
I stand in my garden
and look up at the
silvery moon and stars
and thank God for you.
I pray my angels will
keep you safe
and hold you in the palm
of their hands.

As tinkling chimes sing
in the distance,
the peace is palpable.
Watching the pinks and
purples of the sunrise,
I am glad to be awake
and welcoming my world,
so blessed that you are in it.

Chosen Light
By Janice Eakle

The candle
that she holds
above her head

with an everlasting

of gold and red

Sacred is her name

The glow
casting shadows
in the background
only positive light
to see

A reflection
of inner beauty
she who holds
the light

Touched to live
inner peace

Touched to live

Full glorious
wings of beauty
to wrap one
within protection

Golden ring
casting its light
upon the face
of beauty

Every Day
By Wandasjourney

I pray...
Every day--
for Angels to be--
around you--
inside you;

To protect you and guide you
in every way--
In everything you do.

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