Beliefnet asked our readers to share their original angel poetry.  We received an overwhelming response and gathered a second round of readers' celestial writings for your enjoyment. You can read the first round of poetry here. Thank you to all who submitted their poems.

My Beloved
By Laura Kellogg-Hecke

Gabriel came to me one lonely night.
I was struggling through an endless Valley.
I was loosing all hope and almost all faith.
He said to me that every blade of grass
has an angel whispering grow.

I knew then--I had no choice about the Valley I was in.
I did, however, have the choice to grow.
So I kept my faith, my hope,
and my love of the world around me.
I knew one day I'd be at the top of a Mountain
looking over my valley, and
I'd be able to hear the angel's whispers.
I also knew I would grow into something more beautiful
than I'd ever hoped or dreamed I could become.

It was because of the time I spent in the Valley that
I learned more about myself and my purpose in this world.
I kept my faith, my love, my hope and I made it!
My father told me, well done my beloved one,
and the angels whispered.

By Pinto1

A Always
N Near
G Gods
E Everlasting
L Love & Light

By Celtic_earthangel

God has blessed us with angels of many
Wondrous is their beauty
Marvelous are their deeds
As they protect us from evils of the universe

Angels of the sky in their robes of ivory
Wings of pink and crystal, they float endlessly
Guiding us towards our Divine Purpose
Aiding us by wiping our tears

Angels of the earth, our fairies and sprites
Play endlessly through the blades of grass
Boundless is the elementals love
For Mother Earth and all who dwell in it

Angels of innocence are unicorns in stride
Protruding horn of purity
Keep watchful eye on children
Safeguard from challenges too young to understand

Angels of the sea, mermaids and dolphins galore
Prisms of blue, green, and silver
Protecting the vessels who visit the sea
Parenting the creatures with everlasting love

Beyond imagination are spirits alone
Watch us, guide us, love us, protect us
Unconditional is their only decree
Shadows of light, for all who believe

I Believe That Animals Are Angels
By Nancy L. West

I believe that animals are angels
Heaven sent in service to this earth
Looking in their eyes I fully realize
Sacredness and their blessed worth.

Some are given majesty and power
Others humility and grace
They offer up their lives
In the name of sacrifice
So humanity can journey on its way.

I believe that animals are angels
Created by Great Spirit with pure love
To ease our lonely days
To join us as we play
So humanity can journey on its way.…
So humanity can journey on its way.

The Whisper of Angels
By MadamM

Quietly listen and you will hear
an angel whisper in your ear
guiding you to do what's right
ethereal guidance in love and light

Your guardian angel is a loving gift
a friend for life when you need a lift
a helping hand over rocky roads
easing the burden of heavy loads

So pay attention to that tiny voice
when faced with a decision making choice
then you will know what's right to do
and walk the path that's meant for you

On Wings of Angels
By Spritedgrl

On wings of angels
I while away
a peaceful existence
I choose to stay

I watch in awe as they
guide the few who ask
for assistance not
knowing what to do

A gentle caress from a
breeze in the air
whispers thoughts
of genuine care

I linger each day
with an angel or two
knowing with certainty
their guidance is true.

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