I was laid off for six months and my health began to compromise my ability to work outside my home. The reality that I may never return to office work pierced through me. The only positive thing in my life was that I was over half way through completing a correspondence writing course. I was writing a new story for an assignment based on my mother who was battling cancer when she became unexpectedly pregnant with me. Without hesitation, she made the life changing and risky decision to stop radiation therapy. She gave birth to me at the expense of losing her right arm and shoulder to an uncontrollable Desmoid tumor when I was six months old.

One day while I was browsing a craft store; I remember thinking to myself, “Has any of my past career successes been worthy of my mother’s sacrifice? Is writing my new career? I need a sign." Two seconds later, as I was leaving the store, I was drawn to a discount table strewn with knick-knacks. I wasn’t looking at anything in particular when my right hand picked up a wooden angel figurine. It was a simple, lovely piece. The angel had golden hair and wore a patriotic style gown. I quickly discovered I couldn’t put it down or walk away from the table without purchasing it. I felt a heavy pressure upon my shoulders as if someone was leading me toward the check-out line.

When I arrived home, I excitedly walked into my dining room and took the angel figurine from the sack to place her in my curio cabinet. As I stood back to admire her, I gasped in disbelief. I picked up the figurine again and realized the angel bore ONE wing. My husband walked into the room and calmly pointed out, “She has one wing, just like your mom.”  We carefully turned the angel over onto her back to discover no evidence she was ever made with two wings.

This one-winged angel figurine is no doubt a sign as it is an image that I understand. Ever since then, I have been actively pursuing a writing career and I have recently completed my first book manuscript. Each time I look at my angel figurine, I know that I am on the right career path.

Can you believe, I am looking at yet another one winged angel?  This one was also found at the same craft store as the first angel.

I can't believe it! This small angel ornament also has long flowing locks of blonde hair (like the previous angel), but is wearing a green gown with small pink, yellow, and purple flowers on it. Her left wing is an intricate, plaster cast design. Both angels I have found bear one wing...their left wing.  The only difference is that there is evidence the second angel lost her right wing, as opposed to the first angel.

Another miracle about this story is that I found the angel after walking around the store, wondering if I had made the right decision taking on a leadership role in a volunteer organization. As in the case of the first angel, I received my answer!

What myseries surround us if we just stop and listen. Now, it is my new mission in life to find more one-winged angels (or for them to find me)!

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