I believe in miracles.

I was driving with my niece from California to Cleveland on a trip I had made several times before.  I knew what to expect on the long drive, including where the gas stations and rest stops were located.  Driving for hours, I began growing so tired that I asked my niece to drive. The gasoline tank was getting low, and I warned her to fill up the tank prior to driving a certain distance in Utah. Then I took a nap.  Unfortunately, she forgot to fill up, and we started to run out of gas.

When she woke me up, it was midnight, and we were alone in our truck, miles from a town and out of gas.  Both of us immediately began to pray and cry out to God for help.  As the truck began to coast, I felt God prompting me to look out of the rear window. I looked as God instructed, and what I saw was mind-blowing, even until this day.

What I saw was this: There were two towering angels riding on the back of our truck. They were gold in color and had motionless wings. With their arms folded, they radiated authority, power, and might. At the exact moment I saw the angels, a song by Fred Hammond began playing on the radio, with the verse, "Late in the midnight hour, God's going to turn it around, it's going to work in your favor."  As the verse repeated, I looked at the clock on the truck’s dashboard. It was exactly 12:16 A.M.  I told my niece what I had seen, and we began to praise God as we rolled into a gas station that just happened to be open late at night. We glorified God right there, thanking him for sending two golden angels.

Even now, I know God is real, and I know He hears and answers prayers. I believe I am a living witness and testimony to this truth.

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