Growing up in a psychic and Catholic household, Sonia Choquette became fully aware of angels and spirit guides at 5 and began giving psychic readings at 12.  Sonia received degrees from the University of Denver and the Sorbonne in Paris before becoming a full-time psychic.  Her latest book, Ask Your Guides, explores how we can raise our frequency levels (the intensity of our energy's vibration) and contact our daily helpers.  She will soon be on tour (the theme: "Wake Up Your Spirit and Connect to Your Guides"), helping others get in touch with spirit guides.

Listen to Sonia Choquette:
  • How angels help you in life
  • Growing up with spirit guides
  • How to raise your frequency level
  • How to banish negative entities
  • Sonia's prayer to spirit guides

  • What is the difference between angels and spirit guides?

    Angels have never had a physical incarnation. Spirit guides have once been physical beings—however, there are some guides that come from other solar systems—but angels have never been in the physical human form.

    What would you say to people who tell stories about someone who helps them through something and then disappears?

    That’s probably an angel.
    How Angels Help You in Life
    Angels are there to walk you through your life path and help you fulfill your purpose. Whenever you’re in a situation where you’ve been spared or protected or in some way assisted, especially when you were feeling endangered, threatened, insecure—those are usually angels. They can take on a physical form to connect with you. I have several incidents in my book where I actually met an angel. They can take on a physical form but it’s just a temporary form. One woman was on the highway and ran out of gas, and a little man drove up out of nowhere, just got out of his car, put gas in the car, and drove off.

    What about spirit guides?

    Spirit guides are a bit different. Your spirit guides are assistants. They’re there to help you in practical areas; they’re your helpers. They might help you in health matters; those are healers. They might be there to help you evolve your consciousness; those are teachers. They might just be there just to help lighten your heavy emotional life; those are joy guides. And they’re all there to help your journey on earth be a more positive, successful, and pleasurable one. There are as many spirits in the spirit world as there are people in the physical world.
    Growing Up With Spirit Guides
    The one thing about having grown up with spirit guides is that I have never had a moment in my life where I’ve felt alone, by myself, on my own, or ever felt like I didn’t have any support. It’s not part of my experience because of my awareness of guides.
    And this is something I feel everybody should have the benefit of.

    Are all spirit guides friends and family who have passed on?

    Friends and family, that’s one area. We have helpers who come in who are interested in helping us. So, it’s not just friends and family; we attract teachers who come in because we’re studying something or learning something that they’ve excelled in.