Reprinted from "Your Guardian Angel and You" by Denny Sargent, with permission of Red Wheel/Weiser LLC.

Perform this meditation for about ten minutes once or twice a day as you like.

Sit in a comfortable chair, at a time when you will not be disturbed. You should be completely relaxed and comfortable and should not have taken any kind of drug, including coffee, tobacco, or even large amounts of sugar. Morning is often the best time for this, though evening is also a good time.

Relax and breathe deeply and rhythmically, sometimes counting in and out. Focus on your breathing and release your mind, letting thought processes and ego-babble simply run their course without attachment until your mind is quiet. You can sometimes achieve this through a single-minded focus on one specific thought, image, prayer, or sound to the exclusion of all others. When your mind is quiet, pray to the divine in whatever way you wish, in whatever tradition you are comfortable. Pray for the removal of obstacles, for self-knowledge, and for greater awareness.

See a ring of pure white light about you, protecting you from all harm and filling you with pure, white light that banishes all stress and negativity. Sit and breathe quietly. Breathe this white light into your body and feel yourself filled with it until you are completely at peace.

Relax and meditate like this for a couple of minutes. Let the normal mental babble and millions of stray thoughts flow through your mind. Do not seek to stop them, but withdraw from them, let them go like eddies on a river, simply ignore them and hold yourself as still as possible. Let your mind go but hold to the center of your being. This sounds strange, but you will experience what I am talking about. Relax, relax. If you are in any way uncomfortable, stop what you are doing and try again at another time. You cannot hurt yourself or in any way endanger yourself if you are meditating surrounded by divine light! Relax! When you are ready, breathe in deeply and silently say to yourself:

Guardian Angel, come to me.

Then exhale slowly and say to yourself:

With Love and Will, so may it be!

Pause, then repeat this breathing exercise for as long as you like—five minutes is wonderful—then let it fade away. Continue the slow breathing in and out and open your mind, heart, and body to your Guardian Angel. It will come. No matter what your see or feel, stay relaxed and centered. Do not become emotional or try to force the experience. This is meditation; you are passive and are not doing anything, simply accepting the experience.

When the communication is over—and you will know it when it is—simply pray in any way you feel comfortable to the divine, thanking God (or however you see the divine) for this gift and experience and asking for a constantly growing awareness of the divine and of your Guardian Angel! It is important that you let go of your desires and worldly thoughts during this meditation.

When you are done, again see yourself surrounded by white light and see it disperse or fade into Mother Earth. Slowly come back to the physical world and, before you forget, record your experiences in your journal!

Can you believe that only ten minutes have passed?! Isn’t that amazing? This simple meditation will prepare you for connecting with your angel like nothing else. If you can manage to do this every day, you will gain remarkable results in just a week. The effects are cumulative, so persevere!

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