Excerpted and reprinted from 'Messengers of Love, Light, & Grace' by Terry Lynn Taylor, with permission of New World Library.

Keep on asking and it will be given to you;
keep on seeking and you will find....
--Matthew 7:7

Of all the ideas about communicating with angels I have explored, I've found that angel mail is the most popular. It's very effective on many levels.

Angels are special request agents. Special requests cover a wide range of issues, from assistance with immediate tasks, such as finding your lost keys, to help with achieving long-term goals. When we involve angels in our special requests, we are acknowledging the desires of our higher selves. It is fine to ask angels for help with your goals and aspirations. You may think that angels should already know what you want and that you shouldn't ask, but asking is the positive step that sets the action in motion and inscribes it in the divine registry. There is no harm in asking the angels for something, because they only do things for the highest good of all concerned. Prosperity author Catherine Ponder has said, "Your ships come in only after you have sent them out." Asking the angels for a special request is like sending out your ships and asking God to bless them. You are protected from greed by the angels, because they see into excesses and are attuned to your higher consciousness.

With angel mail, you write your special request on a piece of paper and mail it to the angels. The written word is said to have a special power of its own. Declaring your wishes on paper and addressing your letter to the angels is a good way of clarifying your goals and truest desires. To make a special request to the angels, simply take a piece of paper and address it to your own highest angel and the highest angels of the others your request involves. In your request, be specific and define what it is you want as clearly as you can. Always add the phrase "for the highest good of all concerned" to your note. Then express your gratitude. Thank the angels as if the request has already been granted. Also, thank God, and anyone else who has something to do with the request.

A story about one of the Catholic popes describes how he prayed to his guardian angel every day for guidance. When he was scheduled to confer with someone he thought might be troublesome, he would ask his guardian angel to speak with the other person's guardian angel regarding the upcoming meeting. The two guardian angels would work out the disagreements beforehand, and the meeting would proceed without needless arguments.

Apply this idea to angel mail. A problem cannot be solved at the level it was created. If there is someone in your life--your boss, your spouse, your child, your coworker, or your friend--with whom you have trouble communicating without disagreements and arguments over trivial issues, try writing to that person's guardian angel and ask that the situation be understood on the highest level. Then pay attention to what happens the next time you see that person. Look for any subtle or obvious change of heart on the part of that person concerning the areas of disagreement.

Five Steps for Writing to an Angel.

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  • You can use this technique whenever you feel resistance from other people. Write to their angels, and state clearly what you want from them, what it is you want them to understand, how you want them to react, and what you want them to do. By writing to a person's guardian angel, you can get past any emotional blocks either or both of you may have in the situation. Use this technique for helping those you care about to do something positive for themselves. If people you know need healing, release, love, or knowledge, write to their highest angels and ask that they be blessed with what they most need. This technique is especially useful if people you know have created situations for themselves that you can't talk about face-to-face. Maybe the situation involves something that you can see clearly from the outside but that they are in denial about.