We will probably never know how many disasters are averted because of the prayers of children. But because their faith is so pure (and Scripture says their angels "always see the face of the Father in heaven"), wonderful things can happen. Nancee Donavan agrees. One morning, her second-grade daughter, Rebecca Lynn, was supposed to bring cookies for the class treat. But Nancee had gotten a late start baking, and the cookies weren't ready to take on the school bus. "I'll finish them, and drop them off at school way before lunch," Nancee promised. Rebecca Lynn was not happy about this, but she kissed her mom goodbye, and got on the bus.

In an hour or so, the cookies were ready. Nancee's husband went out to start the car, as Nancee dressed the three-year-old, Jerry. But she didn't hear anything. Looking out, she realized that the car's engine wasn't turning over. After about fifteen minutes, her husband came back. "The car's dead," he said. "I've tried everything but it won't start."

"What are we going to do now?" Nancy wondered aloud. "Rebecca is going to be so disappointed."

Little Jerry looked up. "We could pray!" he suggested, his eyes bright. The adults looked at him. "Well..." Nancee began. But Jerry was already on his knees. "Please, God, make the car start!" he prayed.

Nancee's husband smiled. "I guess I'd better try it again." He went out, turned the ignition key--and the engine sprang to life. Astonished--and before the car could change its mind!--Nancee and Jerry jumped in, and they sped to school. Nancee's husband kept the engine idling, as Nancee and Jerry brought the cookies to a delighted Rebecca, then ran back to the car. Next stop, the mechanic. He would be back in a few moments, they were told, so they sat down to wait.

Soon the mechanic returned, opened the hood and looked at the car. "Who towed this in?" he asked.

"No one," Nancee's husband replied. "We drove it here."

The mechanic shook his head. "You couldn't have done that. The battery is completely dead. It's ice cold."

The adults looked at each other. What a Father they served, One who cared about every detail of their lives! And what a lesson to remember, that God loves to give His children good things. Even the littlest ones. "I have told many people about our miracle," Nancee says. "The prayers of children are amazing."

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