Q: I have heard the theory that UFO occupants are angels, arriving to be on hand for the Final Days and the Rapture. Is it possible that angels pilot UFOs?

A: On a segment of the July 8, 1997, broadcast of the "700 Club," television evangelist Pat Robertson offered his opinion that "space aliens," those beings in UFOs, were really demonic intelligences, fallen angels.

A considerable number of UFO theorists were about 50 years ahead of the founder and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network in suggesting that the "strangers in our skies" were actually angels surveying Earth in their heavenly chariots.

Others have suggested that the Bible is the greatest record of UFO-contactee stories ever assembled. Scripture, they maintain, is filled with accounts of glowing aerial vehicles.

While many UFO enthusiasts who make the angel/flying-saucer connection see the UFO occupants as benevolent entities, those who fear negative, discordant UFOnauts cite St. Paul's warning in his letter to the Ephesians (6:12) that we must be prepared to war against "sovereignties and the Powers who originate the darkness in this world, the spiritual army of evil in the heavens."

The Qur'an suggests that while a certain number of jinn, an order of spirits lower than the angels, act benevolently toward humans and may even serve as guardians and guides, the great majority of the ethereal entities are devoted to performing devilish acts against humankind. Normally invisible to the human eye, they, like the UFOs, are capable of materializing in our three-dimensional world.

From interviewing percipients of both angelic and alien encounters, we have found it increasingly difficult to differentiate between accounts of the ostensibly different beings. Even when witnesses feel strongly that they have truly encountered a benevolent extraterrestrial intelligence or been blessed by a messenger from God, from our investigator's perspective the accounts sound nearly identical. At this point, it would seem to us that the theory that some UFOs are piloted by angelic beings appears as valid as other hypotheses regarding the true identity of the UFOnauts.

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