Q: I have read that it is possible to attract angels by lighting scented candles, using perfumed oils in the bath water, or spraying a fragrant flowery essence around the room. Is this true?

A: You're asking if angels can be lured to you by pleasant aromas. The lighted candles, perfumed oils, and the flowery essence may allow you to enter a relaxed or meditative state of mind that will encourage your receptivity to angelic inspiration, but angels cannot be lured or enticed to anyone's presence.

Angels are not physical beings. Aromas, sweet and flowery or rank and foul, have no effect on them.

In various apocryphal texts, when angels who had been living, dining, and traveling with humans to accomplish a particular earthly mission finally reveal themselves to their astonished hosts, they explain that they only appeared to be eating, drinking, and sleeping.

As ethereal beings, they don't need to avail themselves of these earthly, physical human requirements. They gave the impression of dining so that their disguise as friends or kinsmen would seem more real, and thus allow them to move undetected among the people whom they had come to help.

We caution against employing any methods that you believe will encourage the manifestation of angelic beings in your presence. Such eagerness or desperation on a human's part to entice a heavenly entity to appear may attract lower astral entities or fallen angels masquerading as an angelic guide in order to mislead the naive and unwary.

We believe prayer, proper meditation, contemplation of the sacred, and an earnest desire to lead a good life are still the best methods of establishing contact with the true heavenly beings.

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