Barbara Brabec is the acknowledged "guru" of the home-based business crowd, a popular author and Internet expert (for more information, visit her website). She is smart and organized--but like many busy women, she is also in a hurry most of the time. One Saturday, Barbara headed for the garage to run a few errands. "I had cashed in a $2000 IRA and had a couple of other small checks for deposit, so I’d written the slip, and endorsed the checks at home," she says. "In the garage, my hands full, I laid the 3 paper-clipped checks on the roof of the car so I could get my keys out and put other stuff down on the seat." Barbara got in the car, tore out of the driveway and was almost at the bank before she realized---she had left the checks on the roof of the car!

Racing home again, Barbara cried and prayed. "God, I really need you now!" But all HAD to be lost, because the wind was strong, blowing old leaves and papers around, whipping flags on their poles. "Logic told me I didn't have a chance of finding those checks," Barbara says, "but fools always have hope." As she turned onto her street, she began looking at lawns for bits and pieces of paper. Those checks could have been blown anywhere by now...

Then Barbara realized something else. She had endorsed the checks without writing "For deposit only," on them, because she was just going to hand them to the bank teller. But now any unscrupulous person could find her IRA check and cash it. Being Saturday, there was no way she could notify the company that issued her the check, to stop payment on it. She really needed this money---and it was as good as gone.

Barbara swerved into her driveway, and her heart almost stopped. Lying on the sidewalk at the end of the driveway were her three paper-clipped checks. Barbara screeched to a halt, leaped out of the car and grabbed them. "I knew God had sent my guardian angel to put his foot on them and hold them there," she says, "because there was NO WAY they wouldn't have blown away otherwise."

It's been a while since Barbara has had a miracle, but this was a big one. She cried tears of thanks and gratitude to God as she drove back to the bank, a little more slowly this time. And today she wants "to SHOUT to the world that God is good, and he does watch out for us, especially when we do stupid things!" All busy people agree.

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