Q: Is it true that children can see angels and the spirit world more easily than adults?

Based on reports throughout history, it seems that many children do perceive the spirit world and angelic beings more easily than adults. Because of children's sensitivity to such phenomena, it behooves their parents to guide them in a proper manner that neither encourages or discourages them to report such appearances.

Parents who take a New Age approach to such occurrences would be well advised not to seek to make their children seers or channels before a certain level of rationality and balance has been achieved. Neither should more conservative and conventionally religious parents be fearful that their child is possessed.

In our opinion, while we earnestly believe that children should be informed of the reality of guardian angels, who watch over them, we also maintain that when they claim that a spirit being has appeared physically to them, it is best to listen sympathetically to them, neither praising nor scolding them for sharing the experience.

The very sacred relationship between an individual and his spiritual guardian will develop at its own pace and should never be forced. As parents, we may guide our children's spiritual growth, but we cannot force it to flower before its individually appointed time.

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