As the authors of many angel books and frequent guests on radio talk shows, the Steigers receive dozens of letters from people who share accounts of angelic encounters. To ask them a question, use the button at the bottom of the page.

Q: Do angels heal people?

A: Throughout the centuries, countless individuals have claimed that angels healed them of disease, illness, or injury. We receive many such accounts from our readers, and have ourselves been dramatically healed or protected from injury by a spirit guide or angel. Angelic intervention allowed Sherry to survive a shark attack with only badly scraped skin and some teeth in her foot, and once when Brad had been covered for days with painful boils all over his body, a spirit being manifested and told him to ingest a certain combination of ordinary foods, which eliminated the skin eruptions within a matter of a few hours.

We remind readers that "to God alone be the glory," and we suggest that spirit guardians intervene in such human acts only when it is to be a distinct element of that individual's learning and growth. Therefore, prayers for healing should be addressed only to the Father-Mother-Creator and not to those angelic beings, who may administer the divine remedies.

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