Do angels exist only in the Bible? Or are they spirits that move among us in the world? Are they messengers from God or simply expressions of goodness in ordinary people? Beliefnet members share their theories and personal experiences of heavenly encounters on earth. Read some of their diverse opinions, and add your voice to the discussion.

For a long time I only thought that angels existed in pictures, never knowing that a person can experience one. Now I do believe that they are real, here on earth every day.

I believe that angels are that part of creation (when God said "Let there be light") that didn't fall away.

Our angel looks just like us. Why? Because your angel is within your flesh body. Why do you think when someone loses a limb that they can still feel it after it had long been gone?

My Christian teaching, regarding the life of Angels, is that they are in states of being, rather than places like outer space. They are in steps of a process of growing closer to the Lord, rather than time. We are in contact with angels when our thoughts and feelings are connected to Love and Wisdom. Heaven and Angels are not in time and space of the material world, but live their lives and do their work in the Spiritual world.

I believe that there are angels all around us, each and every second of the day. Be it a floaty spirit, or the kindness of a stranger. The smiling face of a small child, or the old wrinkled-up hand for the old man walking hand-in-hand, with the toddler at his side. Angels are everywhere, all we need to do is be aware that they are of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

An angel is mearly a messenger and not something to toy with, or to trust above God the father. Angels can be a positive or a negative.

I believe that the "angels" are inside us, as sort of psychological projections of the Creator's various personal aspects. Angels are forms of prayers.

I have experienced earthly Angels (humans) and how they have touched my life and had an impact on it, and I have experienced the Divine Angels who have protected me and interceded for me. So what are human and Divine Angels? They are all messengers from God.

I believe that an "Angel" is our best friend who we look up to. An angel is our friend who we trust with all of our hearts and souls. I have several angels who I love to death. I would not give up on them. That is what I think an angel is.

Angels are messengers from God. Of course, there are different kinds of Angels. Those who follow God and those who follow Satan. Those who follow Satan are considered to be fallen Angels cause they first followed God but after the fall of Lucifer he took 1/3 of the Angels with him and those angels became followers of Satan that are now called demons.

.the Angel detection-o-meter has yet to be built.

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