Excerpted from 'Angel Visions,' by Doreen Virtue, published by Hay House.

I was in Santa Fe, attending a class about massage therapy and spirituality. That night, I got a strong urge to call my mother and check on my father. When Mom got on the phone, she told me that Dad was ill, and that she was taking him to a cancer clinic in Temple, Texas, within the next few days. I am still amazed that I called home at that time, but I feel that the spiritual work I had been doing in my class opened me up to my angels' guidance.

"They were white, with gold light emanating from their wings and bodies."

The next evening, I returned home to Arizona, and I had my first dream encounter with angels. The two angels in my dream were very tall, with wings. They were white, with gold light emanating from their wings and bodies. I got the impression that they were very strong male angels. I only recall the face of one of them, and it was dimmed by the shine of the gold light coming off him.

Many weeks later in another dream, the same two angels told me I needed to fly to Dad's hospital in Temple in the morning. The words I heard didn't actually come from their lips, as much as a knowing what they were communicating. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I wasn't even sure why I was leaving in the morning, and neither was my husband. I contacted someone to watch my children, and then I was off. When I arrived at the hospital, I found my mother on a pay phone making a call to tell me that my father had brain cancer and they were to operate in the next few days. She would have been all alone if I hadn't flown in.

My father had the surgery, and it was worse than we had anticipated. The doctors said he wouldn't survive much more than two to four months. That night, the angels came again. This time, they asked me to get my children and move from Arizona to Dad's home in Oklahoma for the summer. The doctors hadn't even mentioned the next moves they would like to take, and the thought of a long hot summer in Oklahoma was anything but pleasant. Plus, I had been abused by this man as a child, and I wasn't really sure that I wanted to give to him what I felt I had missed out on.

The doctors told me Dad only had two options.
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The next morning, the doctors informed us that Dad had two options. Take him home and let him die within two months, or put him in a nursing home and do chemo and hope for four months. I knew what my answer was, so I told my mom, "See you in Oklahoma. I'll get my children and fly there and set the house up." The next few months were like spending time in a personal group therapy program. I spent hours releasing past ills by asking Dad questions about his earlier behavior. I would never have gotten the answers and the healing that accompanied them had I not followed the angels' guidance.

Toward the end of the two months, I decided to go on a vacation with my husband and children. We headed to the beach for a wonderful and much-needed rest. However, one night during our vacation, the angels came to me in my dreams again. They told me I needed to go to Oklahoma. When I called my mom the next morning to tell her I would be coming, she told me that Dad had gone into a coma that night.

"I picked up pieces of a soul that I desperately needed."

I arrived in Oklahoma the next day. That night, for the first time in the entire two months I had been in Oklahoma, my sister, mother, and I were all together. All at once, the room seemed to change. A feeling of great energy filled the area around us, and Dad passed on.

I can't tell you why I followed the angels. Until that time, I never remember hearing from them. The gift I received because I did follow them was priceless, though. I picked up pieces of a soul that I desperately needed. I reconnected with a man whom I had been very angry with for a long time. Now I think of him with great love and affection and find that I even thank him for the childhood I had. I was helped by God and the angels' loving guidance to learn what an important person I was, and that my challenging beginnings made me the loving individual I am today.

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