This excerpt was originally featured in 2000.

Remembering the angels each month helps me be aware of the consciousness through which I filter experiences of the world and be present to real life--the people around me, the natural world, conflicts in my psyche, etc.

Angel consciousness is a way of being that allows us to be the best human we can be. It's that simple. The angels want us to be loving, aware humans. They don't ask us to be angels; they realize that we are on Earth having a human experience. They exist to help us in this venture, regardless of personal religious beliefs, race, culture, or perceived status.

When we invite the angels to help us in our day-to-day lives, we receive a transcendental shift in our consciousness. The angels play behind the scenes to help us put into action our most heart-felt dreams. Angels provide tips to guide us to higher ground, but we often ignore the guidance, even when it is right in front of our face. Join me in inviting the angels into our consciousness:

We ask that the angels bless us with inner peace, laughter, and a keen awareness of our special mission of love that we came here to express.

Celebrating the spiritual new year

"The Angelic World is a place inhabited by living creatures-- but more than that, it constitutes the very relationship between the world and God."

--Peter Lamborn Wilson

September heralds another year of learning. Just as the trees shed their leaves this time of year, we must shed whatever is not working for our benefit. Often when things start to fall away, it can cause us pain. The pain is not a punishment, but a reminder that the angels are getting ready to bless you with something new and exciting.

When the autumn winds blow, the stale energy of the past year is blown out and replaced with newly charged air. We find ourselves in a state of dynamic waiting. Sometimes it is confusing when you feel like you are waiting for something, you may think it goes against the "be here now" philosophy, but dynamic waiting fosters awareness and the desire for truth and love. When our desire for love is alive and well, desire acts like a magnet, and so we attract what we truly desire. Autumn is a very special spiritual time when Archangel Michael rules the season and guides us to higher notions and free thinking. Traditionally Michael is the angel who cleanses humans of discord and evil, offering us protective light that can shield us from negative forces. Michael brings us the courage to turn the lights on in our life and look at what is really going on.

Focus points for September:

  • Naturally allow your focus to change inward.
  • Cultivate dynamic waiting and the desire for truth.
  • Prepare for the changing season.
  • Don’t be afraid of Archangel Michael whose task it is to help us think freely, and urges individuality in each of us so that humanity can create a colorful tapestry of God light. Michael's feast day is September 29.
  • Practice Idea for September

    Autumn is the start of the spiritual new year, a great time to clear away the past and embrace the new, a time supportive of resolution. Use the days leading up to the equinox to release specific blocks in your life. Each morning (or evening) get out your journal or notebook, and ask the angels what it is time to let go of.

    Think of something that you would like to release. Or you may want to have a list ready, if so, pick something each day and write about how you are willing to release it. I have used this practice before, and often I would get an amazing confirmation of change and a blessing within hours of writing what I was giving up. Do this for every day (don’t worry if you miss a day or two) until the fall equinox, which occurs at 10:28 A.M. on September 22. Spend some time with your list going over it with the angels. You may want to burn it or put it away in a special place to register your willingness to have your heart’s desire.

    In releasing stale ways of thinking, doing, and being, don’t worry about how to let go, just cultivate awareness and the change will happen organically. This is most important because when we force change usually a problem emerges instead of a solution. So ask the angels to help you release--let go and let it be--and then stay aware and in a state of dynamic waiting.

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