Brad and Sherry Steiger, former Beliefnet columnists, are the authors of various books on angels.

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    Q: I had a dream recently with angels in it. Do you think the angels can actually enter our dream space?

    A: We not only believe that angels can enter dream space, but we feel strongly that they can provide important and meaningful teachings while we are in the dream state.

    There may be occasions when you awaken in the night and feel certain that you have been receiving teachings from your angel guide. But you might feel distressed when you're unable to retain the full meaning of the dream.

    Don't become angry or frustrated with yourself for losing the message. Call out to your angel guide to help you recover whatever information the heavenly realm wishes you to know. Ask that when you return to sleep, you'll receive the full knowledge of the dream-vision that has just been entrusted to you.

    If you should not be able to recall the lesson or communication on that particular evening, get up the next morning with the resolve that you will reclaim it that evening. To prepare, quiet yourself for a moment or two from time to time throughout the day, and transmit love to the Supreme Being and to your angel guide.

    Your motive for requesting an angelic dream teaching must always be the result of a balanced desire. Your goal should never be frivolous or based upon mere ego gratification.

    When you retire that evening, take three comfortably deep breaths, holding each one for the count of three. Visualize a golden flame of love within your heart chakra, and in your mind see a ray of golden light travel from your heart to the Source of All That Is. Feel your spirit essence becoming closer to the Source. Begin to sense strongly a unity with the love within the heavenly dimension. Feel your consciousness becoming one with the energy of love that emanates from the heavenly realm, then request an angelic dream teaching.

    Just before falling asleep, call upon the loving energy of your angel guide to send its heightened awareness into your mind. Charge yourself with the task of bringing back the substance of the dream teaching. Ask your guide to stand watch over you so that only good may enter along with the angelic dream teachings. You might use the following affirmation:

    "Source of All That Is, Father-Mother-Creator Spirit, if it is thy will and if it is for my good and my gaining, allow my angelic guide to give unto me a dream teaching. Grant that the teaching will bring me higher awareness. Grant that my angel guide will protect me from all negative entities here on Earth and between dimensions while I lie asleep and in the dream state." When you awaken after receiving an angelic dream teaching, hold the images in your mind as long as you can.

    Sometimes you may feel a compulsion to share the message of your angelic dream teachings with others. Your angel guide will advise you in this matter, and you will clearly know when a dream teaching is intended as your own message and when it may be shared with another. If you are given to understand that your dream teaching may be shared, you are likely to discover that each time you share it with another, you will receive even more details of the communication.

    Q: I would like to make contact with the angelic realm on a daily basis. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can achieve this?

    A: The important thing is to be aware that the angelic realm is in contact with you on a daily basis, whether you are aware of it or not.

    To help you realize this wonderful truth, we suggest that you set aside some time each day in which to practice meditation or contemplation and quiet the physical senses that distract us from hearing the angelic whispers of love and the teachings of higher awareness. You might play some soothing music in the background as you enter the silence and permit yourself to "stop the world" for at least half an hour a day. The reading of sacred texts and inspirational books may also help you achieve an attitude of receptivity from the angelic realm.

    Before seeking contact with the angelic realm, you might pray for protection from negative entities:

    "Beloved Angel Guide, establish your protective light energies around me. Erect a shield of love about me that is invincible, all powerful, and impenetrable. Keep me absolutely protected from all things that are not of the Light. Surround me with the perfect love of the Father-Mother-Creator Spirit."

    Prepare yourself for communication with the angelic realm by visualizing your angelic guide moving a soft, violet light all over your body in a wave of warmth. See this heavenly light touching every part of your body. Say inwardly or aloud to your angel guide:

    "Beloved Angel Guide, assist me in calling upon the highest of energies. Evoke the law of harmony within me so that I may never stray from the God-Light. Allow the transforming heavenly light to purify me and to remove all impure desires, anger, wrongdoing, and improper thoughts from my spirit. Keep this Holy Light bright within me. Replace all chaotic vibrations around me and within me with the pure Light of the Father-Mother-Creator Spirit."

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