Excerpted from ‘Expect Miracles’ by Mary Ellen published by Conari Press.

I had been tested lately in every aspect of my life. I was not satisfied with anything--my job, my home, my surroundings, not even my teenage daughter. I am hard-working, do my best to help others, and am usually a happy-go-lucky and optimistic person. So it's very discouraging when things get so rough.

Then I caught the flu and was in bed for three days. My bank account was exactly 18 cents. I cashed in $2.30 worth of pennies so my daughter could have lunch money. Friends and family have encouraged me through bad times, so I called one of them, Margaret. She let me talk, and I cried and cried.

Then, in her wisdom, Margaret said, "You need to talk to your angels and let them know that you cannot endure any more."

I got off of the phone and sat quietly...and told my angels exactly that.

The next day, with barely a voice to answer the phones, I went back to work. Then two miracles occurred.

The first miracle was that I was the correct caller to a Seattle radio station and I won $1,000! Then, about an hour later, my boss called me into his office and handed me an envelope. The envelope held a Christmas bonusthe equivalent of two weeks' pay.

First, when I won the $1,000, I thanked God and my angels, over and over again...and cried. The second time, I realized no matter how down you are or how bad your life gets, you can ask your angels for help — and they'll listen.

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