Angelic Enlightenment – A Personal Process, by Linda and Peter Miller-Russo, published by Llewellyn 1999

A Prayer on Strength

Dear Gabriel,

I pray to you to assist me as I develop the strength to carry out my life's mission. Please send your strengthening energy to help me to live life with courage and love for myself and all humanity. With your guidance I will strive to fulfill my purpose and assist others on their journey.

This I ask of you through the universal Christ energy, Amen.


On Gabriel's Presence

Take a seat in an easy chair or lie on a bed. Loosen any tight fitting clothes. Use the method you are best suited to for relaxation (such as deep breathing). This will help you focus inwardly. Make sure that you will not be disturbed for 15 to 30 minutes. After your mind has quieted and your body is relaxed, continue with the rest of the meditation.

Imagine that you are in a garden. It is late afternoon and you are alone. You hear the sounds of nature. Birds are singing softly in trees which surround the garden. In the distance you hear the ripple of a stream. The stream is somewhere behind the trees. The grass is soft beneath your bare feet. The sun caresses you in a warm embrace.

You wander through the garden, stopping to appreciate each flowering bush and shrub. To your left is a beautiful rose bush. The fragrance of the rose bush draws you close. You approach the bush and breathe in the soothing scents. There is a stone bench next to the rose bush. You sit on the bench. It faces the entrance of the garden. You look around and sense that someone is near, someone you have known for a long time but have not seen in a great while.

After waiting a few more moments you see a robed figure appear from out of the forest and walk towards you. He is Gabriel. He is resplendent in his attire and regal in his appearance. Love radiates from all around him. You heart races as he approaches. He does not speak.

You want to stand as he approaches, but instead you fall to your knees as the awesome power of Gabriel enters and flows throughout your being. He takes your hand and leads you back to the stone bench where you sit again. Gabriel turns to the rose bush and gently plucks a white rose from a limb. He turns back to you and offers you the rose in his outstretched hand. You look into his eyes and then into your heart. You must decide if you are ready to accept your life's mission and to carry it out.

Take a moment now to feel the scene. Do you decide to take the rose? Ask Gabriel anything you wish to. Listen to his answers. Flow with this scene for a few minutes, moving where it may take you. When you are done, bid farewell to Gabriel and slowly open your eyes. Ground yourself to your surroundings. Take a few minutes to consider what you have experienced during this meditation.

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