Excerpted from 'Expect Miracles' edited by Mary Ellen published by Conari Press.

I believe in angels and have for over 45 years. When I was 15, my mother and grandmother had to make a trip to Great Falls, Montana, to help settle grandmother's brother's estate. Shortly after arriving, my grandmother started feeling pain in her stomach. After a couple of days, mother took her to the hospital.

The doctors said grandmother's appendix had ruptured, peritonitis had set in, and her chances for survival were very poor. Scared to death, mother sat in the hospital room with her mother. Suddenly, in the darkest hour of the night, although she appeared to be asleep, grandmother said, "Oh the angels! Oh the beautiful angels." She seemed to be actually seeing angels around her in the room.

From that minute she started healing, and we were blessed to have her around for another 15 years.

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