Excerpted from ‘A Company of Angels: Your Angel Transformation Guide’ by David Lawson published by Findhorn Press.

If you feel that your prosperity is stuck, do something, no matter how small, to get it moving again. There is an old piece of folklore that suggests the best way of increasing prosperity is to give something away and I have known many people who have used this wisdom to great effect. Similarly, to keep prosperous energy moving it is important to let go of anything that is old or outworn. Do not collect things that you are not going to use, instead it would be better to give them away, sell them or recycle them. If something cannot benefit someone else or be actively reused, then do not hesitate to throw it away. Similarly there is no value in holding onto ideas or ways of doing things that no longer serve you. The same principles of prosperity apply to a number of different aspects of life. If you have not worn an item of clothing for more than a year, then you are highly unlikely to wear it again and you will be better off without it. If your methods of marketing your products or services were once successful but are successful no longer, then you would be best to discard those methods and make way for a fresh approach. Letting go of anything that no longer serves you creates space for something new and better to come into your life.

Exercise: Angels of the Elements

Take ten or fifteen minutes to sit somewhere comfortable and relax. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine that you are in the middle of a beautiful garden. Around you is a fragrant collection of herbs, shrubs and flowers, and ahead of you is an open space that has been cleared for a sacred bonfire. The foundations of the bonfire have been laid and prepared from the dried remains of garden rubbish and it is your task to build the bonfire further by adding the dead wood of your own life to the debris that you imagine before you.

Visualise yourself placing old papers or possessions on the bonfire. These represent your outmoded ideas, your limiting beliefs and your old patterns of behaviour. See yourself building up the bonfire with old clothing that symbolises the personality traits, habits and aspects of distorted self-image that you no longer need. These are just ways you have represented yourself in the past that you have now outgrown. Your true personality is brighter and more positive than any of this could ever be. Imagine yourself adding old pieces of furniture, wooden sticks and cardboard boxes. These are metaphors for the physical objects that have provided you with a false sense of security. They are the things that you once wanted to possess and that now no longer hold any value for you.

Once the bonfire has been built high and firm upon the earth, take a last look at the dead wood that you have been carrying with you in your life. Some of the ideas, beliefs, habits, desires, possessions and patterns of behaviour may well have served you in the past, but if they no longer serve you now, their energy is only going to hold you back. Bless them all with love and, in your mind, ask the Angels to help you clear them from your life and help you to become available for new and better experiences.

Invoke the Angels of fire and imagine them gathering to set light to your bonfire. Visualise yourself watching as the red-orange flame transforms all that is old and outworn in your life, converting the energy of that dead wood into something new and positive. From a safe distance continue to add more stale ideas and outmoded beliefs and watch them combust.

'Angels of fire transform my life for the better. Enlighten and inspire me now and forever more.'

Invoke the Angels of the air and imagine them gathering to transport the smoke and ether from the fire to where it can best create some good in the world. See yourself watching the smoke rise and picture the gentle breezes taking the transformed energy of your old thoughts and beliefs away for ever. At the same time ask the Angels of the air to deliver the message to the heavens that you are now available for new prosperity, adventure and joy.

'Angels of air release me from the past, refresh my ideas and transport me to my glorious future.'

Watch the bonfire burn down to ash and then invoke the Angels of water. Imagine the water Angels coming to you with a sensual downpour of summer rain and picture the ash from the fire being washed to where it is most needed in the garden. The sweet water douses the dying embers of the fire and cleanses your mind, body and emotions of any residual influences from the past that no longer serve your highest good.

'Angels of water cleanse and nourish me. Wash away the past and help me to drink from the chalice of new wisdom, inspiration and creativity.'

Invoke the Angels of the earth and imagine them receiving the fertile ash that the water Angels bring to them. The ash from your bonfire, transported by the soft summer rains, nourishes the earth and stimulates new life, new growth and an abundance of new things. Soon your garden will be filled with more fragrant herbs, flowers and shrubs and your life will be blessed with prosperity.

'Angels of earth stabilise and support me. Provide me with the fertile ground to seed new prosperity and help me to reap the abundant rewards that await me.'

When this process feels complete, thank the Angels of the elements for their loving support and take a few moments to plan your next move. If there is something that you need to release physically from your life, such as a clutter of old business correspondence or some old clothing, then schedule some time to attend to it. If you have some new ideas that could stimulate your prosperity, then make a note of them and schedule a time to follow them through.

Exercise End

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