Excerpted from "Expect Miracles" by Mary Ellen, Conari Press, 1999.

A friend I have known for many years called me on the telephone one day in great distress. A few months before, she had an accident in which a car ran over her foot. She had a long painful recovery with surgery and physical therapy. That day, she was worrying about money. She had no job and was concerned about her mounting bills. She would need a wheelchair for a while yet and couldn't go back to work. "What should I do?" she asked.

I could hear that she needed her faith renewed, and was hoping to find encouraging words. "Do you believe that when you ask God for help, someone could just walk up to your door and hand you money?" I said.

She laughed. "No, I don't believe that for myself! I believe it could happen to you, but not me!"

Wracking my brain for some elegant words to help her, all I could come up with was, "Oh no. Don't think like that."

Just then she said, "Someone is at my door. I wonder who it could be? I wasn't expecting anybody!" She said she would call me later and hung up.

A few minutes later, she called back. A lady she didn't know had just knocked on her door, handed her $300, and said that she was asked to deliver the money to her. It was an anonymous gift. The church group she belongs to knew her situation, and it could have come through them. But still she didn't know who gave her the money, and the lady at the door would not tell her.

A few days later, she got $100 unexpectedly from another source. Where did the money come from? The angels told me years ago when you make a request it is none of your business where it comes from or how it manifests!

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