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We are living in uncertain times. Many of us are dealing with intense fear because of our uncertainty. When we are drowning in fear, it can feel like there is no one to rescue you. The longer we struggle with fear and uncertainty, the more likely we will be overwhelmed by it. If you are dealing with an anxious heart, you have the power to overcome it. It begins with you declaring that you will not allow fear and uncertainty to run your life. You are in control of your peace. Here are seven declarations to beat fear and uncertainty.

“I will not allow fear and uncertainty to hold me back.”

Today, declare that you will not allow fear and uncertainty to withdraw you from the people and the things that matter most. When fear holds us back, it can keep us from healthy relationships, dream careers, and financial freedom. When you take the time to identify what is at the root of your fear and uncertainty, you can take control. Remember, you don’t have to let your fear hold you back. Never give it more power than it deserves.

“I will put a spotlight on my fear and uncertainty today.”

Shine light on your fear. Don’t be afraid to call out what you’re anxious about. Sometimes, your mind can be your greatest enemy. Ask yourself if what you’re fearful or uncertain about is true. There may be another way to look at your situation. Often, we allow our anxiety to run the show when we really should let go of it. When we no longer allow fear to take over, we discover a sense of freedom we didn’t even know existed.

“I will focus on what matters the most in life.”

When your fear controls you, it can be difficult to focus on the things in life that matter. If you focus less on the things that trigger your fear, you can begin to move past them. While people commonly think of distractions as negative, they can be positive when it comes to dealing with your anxiety. Distract yourself with the activities that you love. It may be phone calls with your close friends, a comedy series on Netflix, or your favorite playlist. These things can calm your spirit. Physical activity is another great stress reliever. Consider walking or running. Your mind can truly relax when you take your thoughts away from everything that makes you fearful and anxious.

“I will not settle.”

Another big sign that fear and uncertainty are getting in your way is when you settle in life. One way to beat this is to declare that you will not settle. When we do settle, too often, we compromise what is most important in our lives. When we finally see that we’re doing this, it’s hard for us to even recognize ourselves. Another thing about settling is it pushes us further away from the people we love because we’re not happy on the inside. Remind yourself that you don’t have to settle. You are worth more than a settled version of yourself.

“I will not play it safe.”

Too often, we value security over uncertainty. As a result, we put up with things we probably shouldn’t because we are afraid of the unknown. People will stay at the jobs they are miserable in, broken marriages, and deal with friends that tear them down just to feel secure in what they know. One way to beat this is to consciously let go of the need for security. Instead of always staying in a safe zone, place value in your courage. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to step outside of your comfort zone. Your fear can be your call to action.

“I will challenge fear and uncertainty.”

There are too many times where we could challenge our fear and uncertainty, but we don’t. Consider doing that today. Try completing one task that scares you. If you stay where you’re comfortable will only keep you trapped in your fear. This doesn’t even have to be a big task. You can start small. Just make sure that it is something you are challenging yourself daily. When you begin tackling this fear daily, it will eventually become a habit. Your courage will grow day by day. Eventually, the barriers of fear and uncertainty that are holding you back will go away. You will develop tremendously from this.

“I will no longer fear that I will fail.”

Fear of failure is one of the most common fears. When this fear takes over, it can stop us from elevating ourselves and taking our lives to the next level. One of the best ways to beat this is to shift the way we look at fear and uncertainty. Instead of seeing it as a bad thing, you can look at it as a positive. There is an incredible possibility when we allow our fear and uncertainty to challenge us in new ways. You may not be able to recognize it now, but the thing that is holding you back could be your greatest blessing.

Attempting to avoid what you’re anxious about will only rob you of the satisfaction you could be getting out of life. Don’t rob yourself of the chance to live your greatest life, free of fear and uncertainty. Saying these declarations will allow you to move forward from any fear that is holding you back. There is comfort in knowing that you are bigger than any concern that challenges you. Fear will always show up in your life, but it only has the power to control you if you allow it to. Take the time to challenge the fear in your head. You will ultimately champion it.

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