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The news can be a little overpowering to watch, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hearing about thousands of people dying every day could rattle anyone. Couple this with international events, national violence, and local violence, and you may feel like it's hard to catch your breath. There could also be times where you feel like you can't escape the news since it's on 24/7. These are the times that we should cling to God and our faith. The Bible says that we must be calm in times of trouble. There may be a lot going on in the world, but God is still in control. He has a plan, and we have to trust Him. Here are a few Bible verses to which you can go back whenever you're overwhelmed by the news.

Peter 5:7

This verse says that we must cast our anxiety onto God because He cares for us. When you feel tension boiling inside you, you can't keep it all to yourself. You have to give it to God and walk away. God cares for us; He doesn't want us to feel stressed or anxious. He wants us to be at peace. He loves us so much that he's willing to take on our anxiety, just like He loved us enough to give His only Son to pay for our sins. So if you're watching the news and feel anxious, take whatever anxiety you're feeling and give it to God. 

Jeremiah 17:7-8

This Jeremiah verse says that people who trust the Lord are blessed, as well as people who have confidence in Him. The Bible compares this trust to a tree planted by the stream. The tree doesn't worry about when the heat comes because its leaves will stay green. The tree also doesn't worry about droughts because it will always bear fruit. This verse will help calm your anxiety because when we feel overwhelmed, we must be like the tree mentioned in this verse. We can't worry about the terrible things because we have confidence and trust in the Lord. When we have this confidence, we must believe that God will provide and make things right.

Matthew 11:28-30

In this verse, God tells us to come to Him when we are tired, and He will give us rest. He wants us to learn from Him, and we will find rest for our souls. Again, God doesn't want us to feel weary or burdened by what's happening in the news. Instead, He wants us to give our burdens to Him, and He'll take care of the rest. God doesn't want us to take on other people's problems because that's why God is there. He wants us to remain calm and know that it may look like many bad things are happening, but we still have to trust Him and understand that He is in control.

John 14:1

Jesus was about to be crucified on the cross. His disciples were stirring, clearly upset about what was going to happen. Jesus is telling His disciples that they shouldn't let their hearts be troubled. If they believe in God, then they should believe in Him too. He reminds His disciples that despite everything, they must be brave. When facing the obstacle of overwhelming news, we must not let our hearts be troubled. Just like Jesus' disciples, we must be bold and face the overwhelming news head-on. Jesus is reminding us to not only have faith in Him but in ourselves as well.

Psalm 28:7

This Psalms scripture says that the Lord is our strength and shield; our hearts trust in Him, and He helps us. This verse reminds us that when we feel weak, we should seek power from the Lord. He is our shield, so He will protect us and helps us gain our strength back. For example, if you're watching the news and feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a step back and ask God to give you strength. Not only will He provide you with power, but He will also make sure that you have everything you need to carry on. God loves us, so He will protect us when we need it.

Isaiah 43:2

This verse in Isaiah says when you pass through the waters, God will be with you. The rivers will not sweep over you when you pass through them either. Finally, you won't get burned when you walk through the fire, and the fire won't set you on fire. This scripture reminds us that when dealing with anxiety or feeling overwhelmed, take comfort in the fact that God is with you. The overwhelming rivers won't sweep you away, and the fire of pressure won't overtake you. God wants us to take solace in the fact that He has everything covered. Even when watching the news, take comfort in knowing that God has everything under control no matter what's going on in the world.

Psalm 116:8

Psalms 16:8 says you should keep your eyes on the Lord; with Him by your side, nothing can shake you. Although it may look like there's a lot of bad going on in the world, there is still some good. The news may seem like it's all bad, but there is some good information too. God doesn't want us to be overwhelmed or worry about what's happening on the news because He has all power. We must take a step back and not let ourselves be troubled by the events of the world. God had a plan for this world way before we even got here, so He knows what He's doing.

Remember that song He's Got the Whole World in His Hands that you sang in Sunday school? It's a sentiment that still rings with truth. God has the world in His hands, and He has all power. The news can be overwhelming but rest in the fact that God knows what He’s doing. When you feel the anxiety taking over, read these seven scriptures and take a deep breath.

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