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We are in a downward spiral of hopelessness. We are becoming sucked into the vortex of worldly pleasures, money and running the rat race towards burnout. Yes, our path to success takes a lot of hard work, time and energy. You've made a few gaffes here and there, but you are not alone. Whether it is in your ministry, career or home life, hurdles are all part of the sorted game. We know it can be a lonely world when it comes to finding solid ground and perhaps even, hope. Here are 6 tips from power leaders that you can use for your own journey.

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar motivated millions with his encouraging words and how to develop a great attitude to overcome circumstances in life. He believed that to keep the spark alive in each of us we needed to feed motivation on a daily basis. By setting goals we can become masters of our lives, and lead others to a better life. However, it’s more than just pretty words, it is also taking action. "Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try," he shared. "You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness. " Repeating that quote over and over again will offer you reassurance.

Tony Robbins

Life coach Tony Robins said the secret to success is not all about money and power. We know that this doesn't make sense when we start thinking about it. But success can mean so many things like love, family and having a nice meal out. Achievement can also mean you are in a field you are passionate about.
It can be loving people and helping others reach the next level of success. “If you keep putting unbelievable quality in, when it’s time for you to cash that spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, or business check, it ain't gonna bounce, because you've been making deposits, and you've got plenty to give," he said. Make another deposit with your talents, time and rethink how you view success.

Joyce Meyer

People who are successful are passionate, if there are multiple desires, find one and master it consistently. However, you need to get started! Life Hack reported: “Most people miss out on reaching their full potential because they never start. They are always preparing, planning and waiting for the best time to start." Author and preacher Joyce Meyer said that God can't work through passivity and we need to make good choices if we are going live a passionate life. Yet, it is not all about you and how you can be the best. "Sometimes we don't realize that one person can really make a difference. We can inspire the people around us just by making right choices. And we can change the world through our prayers, our giving, and by reaching out with the love of God to those who are in desperate need," said Meyer. Is there a lack of passion in your life? Find where you lost your way and start making the right choices to live the life God intended for you.

DeVon Franklin

DeVon Franklin is a preacher and filmmaker, who is not only powerful in Hollywood but also desires people to live out their purpose. "If I embrace who I am it will open doors not shut them. If your faith won’t fit through the door that opens then I argue do not walk through that door. The door that God has opened for you will fit your faith," he said. Seek the Lord on what He might have for you. This does not ensure that you will get everything that you desire. Read the word, pray and listen to His voice. "Find out for yourself and look honestly into your heart of anything that doesn't believe there that is clouding your thinking. and enlarge your faith," also added Franklin.

Diane Von Furstenberg

The designer of the wrap dress and fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg is a powerhouse of inspiration and believes you can achieve your biggest dreams. She also insisted it doesn't matter how or where you started off in life because there is hope. “The day I was born I was a miracle,” said Von Furstenberg, whose mother was a prisoner at Auschwitz during World War II. "That little dress allowed me to be the woman I wanted to be.” Success also gave her a voice to help others: “If you have a little bit more of a voice, the most important thing you can do is give voice to those who don’t."

Bishop T.D. Jakes

You need to show your commitment said, Bishop T.D. Jakes, who is an evangelist, author and overall power leader in the faith space. He suggested that people don't follow through on their goals. If you don't commit, how can you expect others to commit to helping you attain your dream? “If you’re going to attract investors, you need some data through which you’re going to be able to say to the investors: This is my skin in the game. This is my effort; this is my energy. You can’t get people to be invested where you’re distracted. You’ve got to invest in your own dream and then draw people into it,” Jakes advised. Set time today to figure out what your destiny is and then make the commitment to see it through. 

Take a note from our leaders. Like you, many of them failed and learned to press on towards the calling in their life. How about you? What can you do to maximize your potential?
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