The pain of heartache is one we’re all too familiar with. When we’re going through these difficult times, it can feel as though joy will never find us again. In addition to the profound feeling of loss, we’re often left with feelings of guilt, remorse and regret. While time does really heal most wounds and the adage “this too shall pass” is true, there are some metaphysical tips you can try today to begin the road to recovery and renewal.

1. Cord Cutting Meditation

This is one of the best techniques to try. If you are having a hard time letting go of your former love, try this short meditation every day for one week. Metaphysics teaches us that every time we feel a strong emotion for someone like love, hate, anger or joy, a cord of energy forms between those two people. Parents often have bright pink cords of love going from their heart chakra to their children. Friends who care deeply for one another will have happy golden yellow cords running between their heart chakras. A co-worker who’s jealous of you may inadvertently create a muddy green cord between both of your Solar Plexus Chakra (our center covering our will and self-confidence). Thoughts and energy travel easily between these cords which is why you’ll often think of this person right before they call you.

Cords between partners who’ve broken up are usually centered in the Heart Chakra but can appear in the Root Chakra too which is we’re we feel grounded, rooted and safe or in the Solar Plexus Chakra where our ego often resides. If you’re ready to heal your broken heart and move forward, take a moment to get into a meditative state. Visualize you and your partner sitting across from one another and ask to “see” the cord connecting you two. You might see a rope, an anchor, a bungee cord or a thin thread. Visualize golden scissors and see yourself cutting this cord. Ask your angels to help you seal any holes left from this cord with healing energy of love and light.

2. Burying the Past

This technique is beneficial if you’re ready to move on and invite new love into your life. It will symbolically and metaphorically send a message to your subconscious that you’re ready to begin again. Take any memento you have that reminds you of your former love. It could be a ticket stub, a photograph, or a love letter. Place it in a box and bury it in the ground. While doing this, think about the positives of this relationship. Reflect on the lessons learned and express gratitude to this person and yourself for all the growth you’ve experienced as a result of this relationship. You can even write this all down and include it in your box.

Bury the box in your yard and mark it with a plant signifying happiness to you. Try to choose a perennial so each year you will see it as a reminder that you’ve healed from this with joy and love. Sunflowers for happiness, Rosemary for remembrance, Lavender for peace, or a Rose bush for love all work well. Water and tend the plant each day as a reminder that you are healing every day and growing in love just like your plant.

3. Threads of Love

This next tip is great for people who are left feeling unlovable after a heartbreak and filled with fears of being alone. It will serve as a subconscious trigger to love yourself and be kind and gentle to the person you are now and always. Take three thick embroidery threads. Any color will do but pink for love, green for healing and growth, and yellow for happiness make great choices. Mentally label each thread body, mind and soul. Hold each thread in your hands and send love to your body, then your mind and finally your soul.

Knot them together at one end and safety pin them to a secure place on your worktable. Braid them together, knot the other end and remove the safety pin. Tie it around your wrist and every time you have a negative or sad thought about yourself or the relationship, look at your bracelet and send loving thoughts to your body, mind and soul. Use a mantra such as “I am loved, loving, and loveable.” Or “I am healed, healthy, loved and whole.”

4. Sugar and Spice

If your former partner “did you wrong” and you are left feeling betrayed and full of anger, this next tip will help. Often the hardest part of getting over a breakup is working through the righteous anger we feel after being abandoned, discarded or cheated on. It’s this anger, this feeling of being wronged, that can block us energetically from healing our heartache and inviting new love into our life.

Take a small bowl that has a lid and fill it with sugar. Add a dash of cinnamon for extra sweetness. Write your former partner’s full name on a piece of paper. If you’re ready, you can also add a sentence such as “I forgive my former partner and am ready to move on.” Place this paper inside the bowl of sugar and cinnamon. Bury it inside the sugary sweetness and seal it with a cover. Put it somewhere it won’t be disturbed such as the back of your pantry or the romance section of your home if you follow Feng Shui. The romance corner is the opposite right hand corner of your front door.

While this sounds like an easy, even silly, thing to do, it does work to help us forgive and move forward.

Everyone deals with heartache differently. Some people choose to jump into a new relationship only to discover the same old patterns starting up again. Others choose to shun new love as a way of self-protection. Most deal with fears of being alone forever while others hang on to their old love and wonder why nothing is getting better. But if you face your sadness and take proactive steps to heal such as talking with a trusted therapist, journaling your feelings and staying healthy with a proper diet, adequate sleep and daily exercise coupled with the techniques discussed here, before long, you will be on the road back to joy and ready to invite in new, lasting, happy love.

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