The Best of Martha Williamson's Videos

Have you lost someone recently? Or having trouble getting through the grief to start the healing process? Martha Williamson, executive producer of "Touched by an Angel," understands what it's like to go through tough times related to death, grief, and loss.

We've gathered some of Martha's best videos on how to deal with sadness, guilt, and anger after losing a loved one such as a family member, a friend, and a pet. These videos will help you start the process toward healing, happiness, and forgiveness.

Watch Martha Williamson's videos on grief and loss.

The Grief That Doesn't Go Away, Part 1

The Grief That Doesn't Go Away, Part 2

The River

Strangers on a Plane

A Mother's Farewell

Four Songs and a Funeral

Where's Grandpa?

Losing Jackson Bear

A Friend in Grief

Present at the Moment of Death

The Truth About Ruth

Not Enough Faith

Emotional Emergency Exit Plan

Getting Through the Grief

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