Do you ever feel your life is like a jigsaw puzzle dumped on the dining room table of life? You paw through the pieces and say, “There’s no perfect fitting mate here for me.” That’s where Godwinks come in.

Bill’s mother sent a story to the local newspaper called, “My Son Bill’s Salmon Recipe.” An old friend from college who lived in another state spotted it, called her, and soon they were talking about their unmarried kids. Referencing the president and first lady, the friend said, “If my daughter Hillary married your son Bill, they’d be the other Bill & Hillary.’” The two parents laughed. The two kids, when they got wind of it, were unamused.

Soon the parents were plotting to get them together. They started bugging their children. Bill eventually promised his mom he’d call Hillary. He didn’t. Hillary’s father pestered her with questions: “Did Bill the Salmon call yet?”

She rolled her eyes. And ignored him.

One day Bill was returning from rollerblading and he encountered a girl from work. She was visiting a friend in Bill’s apartment building. Her name was Hillary? Hillary Kimmelman? Yes, it was, the very girl he’d been trying NOT to meet—because who want to be fixed up by your parents—was living right there, inside his own castle. He now had no choice. He had to call her. Guess what. She was beautiful, just like his mother said. And Bill was charming, just like her father said. And when they went to dinner, she had to choke back a giggle. “Bill the salmon…ordered salmon.” Not only did Bill and Hillary have the same address…their two apartments were directly above one another.

Those godwinks led to matrimony, and the wedding guests enjoyed having their pictures taken with all four Bill and Hillarys. You see, when the famous Bill and Hillary at the Whitehouse couldn’t show up, life-sized cut-outs were substituted.

Godwinks will reach into that pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces that represents your life…and help you find the perfect fitting soul mate for you. Look for your godwinks…no matter how jumbled your life seems, they let you know that when your puzzle is all put together, and seen from above, it will fit together perfectly.

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