Following Your Dreams

"The Dolphin" is an enchanting tale of courage, and rising above fears and limits. A lonely dolphin named Daniel Alexander Dolphin sets out to fulfill his destiny and learns that to achieve his goals he must not only act, but dream, and not only plan, but believe.  The wisdom he aquires can inspire we humans as well:

"There comes a time in life
when there is nothing else to do
but to go your own way.
A time to follow your dreams.
A time to raise the sails of your
own beliefs."

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Excerpted from The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer (Hay House, 2008), by Sergio F. Bambaren. Photos courtesy of Sergio F. Bambaren.


Remembering Who You Are

"Never forget: When you’re just about to give up,
when you feel that life has been
too hard on you,
remember who you are.
Remember your dream."

Overcoming Fear of Failure

"Most of us are not prepared to overcome
our failures, and because of this
we are not able to fulfill our gifts.
It is easy to stand for something
that does not carry a risk."

Overcoming Limits

"Discovering new worlds will not only
bring you happiness and wisdom,
but also sadness and fear.
How could you value happiness
without knowing what sadness is?
How could you achieve wisdom
without facing your own fears?
In the end, the great challenge in life
is to overcome
the limits within yourself,
pushing them to places you would never
have dreamed they could go."

Following Your Heart

"Perhaps dreams are made of
lots of hard work.
Perhaps if we try to cut corners,
we lose track of
the reason we started dreaming,
and at the end we find that
the dream no longer belongs to us.
Perhaps if we just follow the
wisdom from our heart, then time
will make sure we get to our destiny."

Letting Instinct Lead to Wisdom

"Falling into the deepest desperation
gives you the chance to find
your true nature.
Just as dreams come alive
when you least expect them to,
so will the answers to questions
you cannot unfold.
Let your instinct
build a trail of wisdom,
and let your fears be
diminished by hope."

Finding Great Depth

"Some things will always be stronger
than time and distance.
Deeper than languages and ways.
Like following your dreams,
and learning to be yourself.
Sharing with others
the magic you have found. . . . "

Staying Forever Young

"There are some things you cannot see
with your eyes.
You have to see them with your heart,
and that’s the hard part of it.
For instance,
if you find the spirit of the youngster
inside of you,
with your memories and his dreams,
you two will walk together,
trying to find a way through this
adventure called life.
Always trying to make the best of it.
And your heart will never become tired or old. . ."

Discovering Your Greatest Treasures

"Follow your dreams. Listen to your heart.
Whatever others might tell you,
never forget that you only live once
and that your dreams, big or small,
are the greatest treasures that will
guide your life to a unique and wonderful destiny.
Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams."

Excerpted from The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer (Hay House, 2008), by Sergio F. Bambaren. Photos courtesy of Sergio F. Bambaren.

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