Today I am open to any opportunity I have to pass peace on to others.

Start the new year with these inspiring reflections on peace within and in our world.

By Ruth Fishel

It is wonderful to know that wherever I am, the opportunity to make a difference is always there. Whether it is giving a smile to someone, praying for a sick friend, meditating for world peace, or making a donation to a local charity, I am always in a position to encourage peace. By extending peace, I feel peace. By feeling peace, I extend peace. I can always make a difference in how I feel by breathing in peace. It feels so good to know that peace is as close as my next breath.

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Adapted from Peace in Our Hearts, Peace in the World: Meditations of Hope and Healing, by Ruth Fishel (Sterling, 2007).

I have all the willingness I need to let go of my judgments. I can feel my heart filling with peace and love as I practice acceptance.

We begin by making friends with ourselves, accepting ourselves completely, with all our strengths and weaknesses. Then we can expand that acceptance to all those we love and then to all beings. Everyone. Everywhere. Regardless of race, color, sexual preference, nationality, or intelligence. This is how we find peace in our hearts. This is our gift for ourselves. This is our gift to world peace.

It feels so good to know that I have an inner sanctuary where I can always go and find peace.

Somewhere deep inside of us, there is a place that is quiet no matter what is going on. We can’t always reach this place, but it is there. In painful times or fearful times, it helps to know it is there and we can try to reach it. Sitting quietly, being with our breath, we can stop the chattering of our mind and find this place, even if it is only for a moment.

Today I am filled with enthusiasm and excitement as I spread the energy of peace out into the world!

Let’s make this a very special day for world peace. Imagine the world as a very safe place where people can be free to be who they are. Let this enthusiasm pour through you so you can really feel it through your entire body. Now carry these feelings into your goal of world peace. Feel the excitement, the possibilities, the wonder of what this would mean. The end of suffering. The end of wars. Just thinking about this is spreading powerful, peaceful, exciting energy out into the world!

Today I am taking an honest look at how long I hold on to my upsets. I pray for the willingness to let go more quickly so I can have more peace and happiness in my life.

We claim we want to feel peaceful, but we often hold on to our anger. We pray to have peace in our hearts, but our resentments can keep us up at night. We struggle for balance and happiness, and yet so many times we don’t accept life on life’s terms. Why not try a happiness and peace experiment today? Take a piece of paper and pencil with you. Stop and notice when you get upset or angry. Jot down the source. No judgments! Look at your paper at the end of the day. Talk or write about your feelings. Ask yourself how important your negative or unpleasant feelings really are. As your willingness to let go increases, you’ll find your peace and happiness increase also.

I am clearing out old confusion and doubt so that I can see the miracles today and participate in the recovery of the universe.

As you dare to see that you have been ruled by old programming, know that new truths and positive, healthy thoughts are taking its place! Know that you are in the process of moving forward, and while doing so you are helping others in this universe to move forward too. Miracles begin to happen when we sit still and begin to look within. Let those miracles be there for you today!

It feels so good to know that I am connected spiritually today. This creates love and peace and compassion and joy in my life.

I have found I can never get enough inspiration. It’s very helpful to read something spiritual or inspirational in the morning before praying and meditating. It helps to open our hearts and raise our awareness, and it keeps our thinking at a higher level of consciousness. The more positive our day’s beginning, the more positive our thinking and the happier and more peaceful we are throughout the day.

Today I release my control of outcomes and experience peace as I accept life on life’s terms.

Life is not always fair. People, places, and things do not always turn out the way we want them to or the way we think they “should.” Sometimes we have to accept the truth, even when it is not to our liking. Sometimes we have to just give up, let go, or give in to our powerlessness in order to find peace within ourselves. Sometimes that is the only way peace is possible.

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