How to Indulge Without Excess

By Leonard Felder, Ph.D.

While many of us try to stay healthy, spiritually focused, and free from addictions, the holidays have a tendency to bring on stress, temptation, and triggers that are difficult to ignore. All the partying, merrymaking, and spending can activate the urge to drink, overeat, or spend addictively, just to name a few. If you are someone who tends toward overdoing it, or who is recovering from a serious addiction, rather than risk falling into old, unhealthy patterns, make a decision now to get a grip on the challenges of the season. You deserve to enjoy the holidays, not be unraveled by them.

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Leonard Felder, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and award-winning writer of 11 books that have sold over 1 million copies. His latest book is Fitting In Is Overrated (Sterling, 2008). For more information, visit www.fittinginisoverrated.com.



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